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JAYbranding fanpage care service

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In the age of modern technology, businesses are increasingly realizing the importance of business image of online marketing channels, especially fanpages on social networks. However, managing and developing an enterprise's fanpage requires a lot of time and energy, especially when they need to take care of many different activities of the business.

JAYbranding fanpage care service

What is the full-service fanpage care service?

To solve this problem, a package fanpage care service was born with the aim of creating attractiveness and increasing the number of potential customers for businesses. This service provides businesses with a total solution for fanpage management, including creating content, promoting, interacting with customers and tracking results.

With a full-service fanpage care service, businesses will be able to focus on their main business, while their fanpage is taken care of professionally and effectively. Content on the fanpage will be created with the purpose of helping businesses introduce their products or services to customers, helping to increase the credibility and reputation of the business in the eyes of customers.

Promoting products or services on the fanpage is also one of the important activities of the package fanpage care service. By using effective promotional tools, businesses can increase the traffic and awareness of their fanpage, helping to increase the number of potential customers.

Interaction with customers is one of the important factors in managing fanpage. The all-inclusive fanpage care service will help businesses interact with customers in a professional manner, helping to quickly solve problems related to products or services of the business.

Finally, the all-inclusive fanpage care service also helps businesses track results and analyze data to find areas for improvement. Businesses can easily determine who their fanpage is being accessed by, what content is being interested in and can customize the fanpage content according to customer requirements.

In general, the package fanpage care service is an important tool to help businesses optimize the management of their fanpage, increase the professionalism and reliability of the fanpage in the eyes of customers, increase the number of visitors and increase the number of customers. potential customers.


With just a professionally managed fanpage, businesses can increase their chances of reaching more customers and creating more business opportunities. Contact us for more details about our all-inclusive fanpage maintenance service and how we can help your business optimize its fanpage.

What services does the package of fanpage care include?

Package fanpage care service usually includes many important services as follows:

Create quality content: include writing articles, taking photos or promoting videos to improve the value of your fanpage.

Advertising on fanpage: helps businesses advertise their products or services on fanpage with the goal of generating more traffic.

Customer management and feedback: help businesses manage and respond to questions or feedback from customers on the fanpage, increasing the professionalism and credibility of the fanpage.

Data analysis: helps businesses analyze data to find out what needs to be improved on the fanpage and optimize ads.

Increase engagement: help businesses create more interactions on fanpage by creating quality content and attracting customers' attention.


In general, the package fanpage care service will help businesses optimize the management of fanpage and create more access and interaction data. This will help businesses increase the credibility and reputation of the fanpage, on website, as well as increasing your chances of reaching out to more new customers.

In addition, using the package fanpage care service also helps businesses save time and resources. Because the experts will professionally manage and take care of the fanpage themselves, businesses will be able to focus on their business activities.

In summary, the full-service fanpage care service is a perfect choice for businesses who want to increase the credibility and reputation of their fanpage, and increase their chances of reaching new customers.

Customers who trust the full-service fanpage care service:

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Price list for fanpage care service reference

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4,990,000 VND/month7,990,000 VND/month12,990,000 VND/month
Plan accordinglyHaveHaveHave
Content Orientation of FanpageHaveHaveHave
Write content12 posts22 posts33 posts
Image design1 photo/post1-4 photos/post1-4 photos/post
Increase Like the original Fanpage1,000 likes (1 time)2,000 likes (1 time)3,000 likes (1 time)
Increase Likes of posts by monthAre not50 likes/post100 likes/post
Viral Fanpage, Group5 comments10 comments15 comments
Write an advertisement1 post2 posts3 posts
Optimizing SEO for FanpageHaveHaveHave
Reply to Comment PageHaveHaveHave
Banner design1 Banner2 Banners3 Banners
Create MinigamesAre not1 mini game1-2 mini games
Short Video ProductionAre notAre not1 video
(Slide format)Are not1-2 postsUp to 4 posts
Support running adsHave(Budget <15 million)(Budget < 30 million)
ReportAre notHaveHave

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