Landing Page Vinasoy Vietnam

The past two years have witnessed a breakthrough in all aspects of Vinasoy. Vinasoy has now built a complete system of brand portfolio and brand positioning. The biggest achievement that Vinasoy has achieved is that the Fami soy milk brand has won the hearts of consumers and is currently leading the market share of paper canned soy milk with nearly 80% output market share. Than 600 Nationwide sales staff with a distribution network across 63 provinces. Factory capacity continuously grows from 60 million liters in 2010 arrive 125 million liters in 2012.

JAYbranding has shown a simple website, easy to use but no less professional and modern. Not stopping there, the website is constantly being updated and improved by a team of experienced technicians to optimize all information and online activities of businesses.

Service that JAYbranding provided

  • Design the software interface of the new Fami Calcium product landing page (Landing page)
  • Landing page interface design
  • Program to develop features by design
  • Programming landing page effects
  • Landing page maintenance for 6 months


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