Before pressing the burn button right away to burn the astral, follow these instructions: mentally make a vow: "Three seven souls, three nine souls are here, keep the good ass, and the evil ones invite away" to drive away evil spirits. bad thing.

When finished burning, you still say the above sentence and wait for the video to burn for 1 minute, then turn it off



Thanks to the online Phong Long burning service, my business saves on paper and fuel costs, burns it quickly and burns it all out within 1 note, banishing evil spirits!

Le Me Tin
Operation Director


Burning maple feathers is considered part of a long-standing cultural belief in Vietnam. According to folk beliefs, each person has a soul and astral body. Man has three souls and seven astrals, while woman has three souls and nine astrals. A person with a light astral will bring luck and fortune to others, while a person with a heavy astral (also known as an evil astral) will bring bad luck and negative energy to others.

To remove bad luck or banish negative energies, people often burn wind feathers. However, this also needs to be done properly and safely for the environment. Burning the unlucky wind is a traditional method performed by burning the hair of an animal, usually a sheep or cow, in a small space and the smoke will spread to other places.

Now we have a safer solution than burning wind dragons online without having to burn paper and votive papers and still chase away bad luck.

Then if you want to change your luck, try:


Congratulations You Have Burned Wind Dragon

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