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ComicToon - Accelerate app downloads

ComicToon is an exclusive Korean comic reading application in Vietnam aimed at readers aged 13 to 30. With a huge collection of stories with many attractive genres such as romance, crime, passion, horror, … ComicToon aims to grow rapidly not only in the number of downloads but also in the number of people who interact.


  • Because they are new to the Vietnamese market, the pioneering Marketing team must really multi-task with many functions, and at the same time limit (and pressure) on implementation and implementation time.
  • This is a paid webtoon, with limited ads, limited free readers by opening new chapters with coins. This is also a challenge for the number of people interacting.
  • The review score on the app store is at an average level, with most of the reviews praising the quality but underestimating it because of the cost.


Realizing that this is a quality product with a unique positioning, JAYbranding researched, recommended, and followed the marketing funnel model:

  • Focusing on growing app downloads, helping to accelerate in the early stages with 3 channels with a large number of users Google AdWords, Facebook, and Tik Tok. Not only helps boost downloads from ads but also organic downloads thanks to coverage in all channels of the target customer.
  • Collaborate with Marketing Team to use KOL to increase awareness and influence on target audience, like Viet My KOL.
  • JAYbranding conducts direct user surveys and advises on choosing a remarketing channel to save the most advertising costs, increase the number of people interacting without pushing up the cost. 

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