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Company profile website is a website containing important information of the company. Where customers know who your business is, what field it operates in and how successful it is.

Some businesses create their own website to introduce their company. Usually the home page is used to introduce the company, the other pages are used to introduce the company's products and services. Then through a website, medium-sized businesses can promote the brand and can sell effectively.

Designing a business website is the best way for you to bring your business to participate in the very potential internet market. When you have a really professional website, that means the opportunity or success rate. The success of persuading customers to use your products and services is also higher, a professional website is suitable for both users and partners. When you have a complete introduction website, you will save a lot of time to introduce your business, because all information is updated on the website, anyone who wants to learn about your business. Everyone can use smartphones, laptops to search on the internet to easily know all the information that is disseminated on the web.

A company, the decoration of the facade, the reception area is very important because it is the first impression of customers when visiting your company. Customers will implicitly evaluate the professionalism of the company through those first impressions. So when you own a company website design with a beautiful and professional interface, it means that you have made an impression. Be good to your customers, customers will trust and buy your products.

At the same time, the ability to connect to major social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ will both be able to promote the bank more, and can add other tools such as Skype, Zalo ... to take care of customers. easier and more convenient way. When customers have questions, it is very easy to contact the consultants on any online platform such as phone, email, etc.



Bring professionalism to your business

Businesses that ensure professionalism always receive the trust and support of customers. For an eye-catching, well-designed website, with attractive content, customers will definitely stay longer and also have a certain trust in the business and the field it is operating.


Building - brand identity

Brand, customer trust is something that takes time to achieve. The road to building and affirming the brand will be shortened when a business owns a professional and thorough website. Once a good image has been built, the next thing is to maintain that image and then advertise Let more people know. At this time, a website introducing the company is an extremely useful means to maintain and maintain the brand and reputation of the business.


Increase customer reach

Through the website, people will know what products and services your business is dealing in, wherever they are. Obviously, they will become a source of potential customers of your business. When businesses maintain the operation of a professional website, finding customers is no longer too difficult. Besides, the websites are always open 24/7 so customers can search and contribute any ideas. when.


Website increases advertising efficiency

Cost saving but high efficiency. In fact, there are many ways to promote brands, services, products. But to save costs and high efficiency, the introductory website design will respond well. It only takes a small cost for businesses to have a website to comprehensively promote their business and products to customers.


SEO standard website design by JAYbranding will bring the following Professional & Premium features. Applying advanced technologies in website design, integrating smart features, optimizing the entire website in terms of both art and technique. A team of programmers with leading experts in technology integration for websites, in each project, we integrate for our customers the new and most advanced technologies such as: Optimize cache, Optimize resources Resources, Data Optimization, SEO Optimization…

With the specificity of the website as a borderless business field, we have many customers SEO website design in An Giang, Dong Thap, Tien Giang, Binh Duong, Phu Quoc and especially beautiful web design in Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam. cheap website design in Hanoi

We do not create a temporary website for your business. People will admire the aesthetics and usability of the design.

An attractive advertising campaign applied new technology is the optimal way to quickly achieve your goals.

With a separate CMS system, we create a website that makes it easy for you to customize every aspect, yes every aspect of the site.

Compatible with all marketing tools on the market to help clients attract the best advertising strategy.

JAYbranding provides high quality, stable and secure hosting service. Customers is smoothly able to use JAY's service under our supervision and maintenance. Powerful CDN helps global customers ensure access speed.

The domain is associated with and closely related to the business. JAYbranding encourages you to register your own domain which is associated with and close relationship with your business.
FREE Domain Name, DOMAIN

The default SSL is integrated into all hosting packages at JAYsoft to increase security as well as be friendly with Google SEO. Free and full time hosting with us.

5 free 5GB email accounts powered by, the world's leading enterprise service provider.
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Handing over the source code

After handing over the website, you will be handed over the source code and done
independent website owner. The website will belong to you, so you have
can be more proactive in upgrading and developing the website and implementing
SEO for the website is more convenient. In particular, the maintenance fees
annual website will also be significantly reduced.

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Warranty and maintenance

Warranty and maintenance are applied to keep the website running smoothly
determined. We are constantly striving to bring you the best experience
best service experience.

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Marketing strategy consulting

Support in consulting and orienting marketing strategies in detail for customers
website to help increase the website's recognition and position on websites
search. Multi-channel connection planning to increase transfer rates
Exchange sales on the website and attract potential customers to buy
more products on the website.

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Website security

Perform security optimization of website and source code using tools
The most modern tool to protect the website from attacks
labour. Make sure the sales website is kept safe so that it is not interrupted
segment of business operations, affecting our orders and customers

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Diverse technology platforms

JayBranding always wants to bring the features you need when designing a website, that's why we always update the latest technologies in programming languages such as PHP, JAVA, HTML, CSS, etc. To catch up on time trend and best serve your service experience.

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Easy to upgrade

We are always at the forefront of approaching new and updated trends
fast technology information. This, in support of
the upgrading of sales websites to integrate new features,
Modern makes sales on website platforms happen more and more
more effective.

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Professional team

With a team of professional personnel, with many years of real combat experience
in the industry with high capacity and creativity. Personnel
at JayBanding are ready to take on projects, even those with high
high complexity. The young staff always keep their enthusiasm and
conscientious throughout the work.

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Meets all the criteria

JayBranding understands the difficulties of selling online. So,
We always create responsive, quality sales websites
meet the necessary criteria such as: standard UX/UI sales website, website
SEO standards, smooth page loading speed, eye-catching interface, variety of
Built-in smart features….

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Handing over the source code

After handing over the website, you will be handed over the source code and own the website independently. The website will belong to you, so you can be more proactive in upgrading and developing the website and making SEO for the website more convenient. In particular, the annual website maintenance fees will also be significantly reduced.

Warranty and maintenance

Miko Tech is ready to support you 24/7 to solve difficult problems that occur during the operation and administration of the website. Warranty and maintenance modes are applied to keep the website operating stably. We are constantly working to bring you the best service experience.

Marketing strategy consulting

Support consulting, detailed marketing strategy orientation for the website to help increase the website's recognition and position on search engines. Plan multi-channel connection to increase the sales conversion rate on the website and attract more potential customers to buy on the website.

Website security

Optimize website security and source code with the most modern tools to protect websites from attacks. Ensure that the sales website is kept safe so as not to interrupt business activities, affecting orders and customers of the website.

Diverse technology platforms

Based on the need for features, the sales website should use the appropriate languages or platforms. With foresight, we advise you on technologies that can be used well in the long run. Miko Tech responds well to any language and platform you require from: PHP, Laravel, WordPress, React, React Native, Node JS, etc.

Easy to upgrade

Miko Tech is always at the forefront of approaching new trends, quickly updating technology information. This, in order to support the upgrading of sales websites that integrate new and modern features, helps sales on the website platform take place more and more effectively.

Professional team

With a team of professional personnel, with many years of practical experience in the industry, with high creative abilities and capabilities. The staff at Miko Tech is ready to take on projects, even those with high complexity. The young staffs always keep their enthusiasm and dedication throughout the work process.

Meets all the criteria

Miko Tech understands the difficulties of selling online. Therefore, we always create quality sales websites that fully meet the necessary criteria such as: UX / UI standard sales website, SEO standard website, smooth page load speed, eye-catching interface, multi form of integrated intelligent features,….




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Commitment to information security and customer privacy

Creativity and innovation
follow the trend

Customer support
enthusiastic, dedicated

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Over the past 3 years, SEO Website Design clients have trusted and accompanied us in a variety of industries and business sizes. Among them are X-Men Brand, Saigon Co.op, SCB Bank, Vietbank, FECREDIT, Nguyen Kim, BM Windows...


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Frequently asked questions

What is domain and hosting?

What is domain? What is hosting?

Simply, the website is the house, the domain is the address of the house, and the hosting is the land to build the house. In that space, you can store the content of the website or a certain kind of data. When renting Hosting, customers can choose the amount of storage they want.

How is Domain offered?

Domain is attached and related closely to the business, so we encourage customers to register with Director's personal information or the corporate information. Because when the domain is lost, it cannot be found again or obligatorily pay a lot of money to buy it back.

How is Hosting offered?

To maintain the website stability, JAYbranding offers you a premium one - year hosting package. This is to help customers smoothly use JAY's services for 1 year under our supervision and maintenance. In the second year, if you are satisfied and continue to use the service, we will collect the service fee for the second year and if you have a need to transfer the source code, JAY will pack and install it on a new hosting for you.

Why choose JAYbranding's hosting package?

  • Premium hosting package used at Google Cloud (optimized for SEO)
  • Premium Plesk management software supports users to register for Security, avoid revealing passwords from wordpress
  • Daily backup when there is a problem, 24/7 support
  • Ensure website up time 99%
  • Support customers to update small changes such as updating security software
  • Malware warning with advanced server anti-virus software Imunify360
  • Hosting extension offer from 2 weeks - 1 month

Does my website get affected when I update Wrodpress?

Currently, JAYsoft uses licensed software and an integrated WordPress administration system to manage over 200 websites. These websites are always under warranty and regular maintenance, which avoid security hacking problems.

In case the website is broken, we are committed to fix it within 1 hour from the time we receive the notice. If the error cannot be fixed, the Backup from 7 days ago will be restored.

is the website guaranteed to the high traffic?
JAYsoft uses Google Cloud's premium VPS in Singapore with high configuration. We provide all kinds of websites for brands that want to promote their products. JAYsoft is proud to be able to meet high frequency traffic up to 5000 Users/day. In case you have more than those, we can also accommodate with high-end server systems that suit the customer's budget.
What is SSL? Do JAYsoft support SSL?

SSL (https://) is the Security Standard that operates and ensures that the data transmitted between the server and the user's browser is private and complete. SSL is also the current security standard for millions of websites around the world, which helps protect data transmitted on the internet safely.

All our current hosting packages are integrated with SSL by default; SSL boosting security and SEO performance. SSL Always available at no extra cost and warranty throughout your hosting at JAYbranding / JAYsoft. Additionally, you can choose to upgrade SSL based on your requirements.

What do 5 Free Emails Include?

The provided version includes 5 free email accounts with 5GB capacity provided by, the world's leading business service provider with quality not inferior to Google or Microsoft (free cost) or 5x cheaper)

Why use Zoho Mail instead of other email servers?

  • Large email capacity up to 5GB/email
  • The cost of 5 free users for the first time and 1 usd/month/user for expansion is extremely reasonable
  • 5 email accounts but can create many different emails for 1 account, or group emails such as hi@, hello@, info@, director@ all send mail to email director@
  • Zoho accounts have a good I.P range to prevent spam mail as well as avoid spam emails when sending to partners
  • There are full apps on mobile phones and computers for quick access

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What is Global CDN?

The content delivery network (CDN) service is designed to optimize the bandwidth of countries outside the region. Content is distributed to many different server sources such as US, EU, Australia, Asia... to ensure fast access speed for your website / operating partner in many countries and territories. This service is integrated in your premium hosting package.