Product advertising photography service – for businesses taking full-service product photography

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Product advertising photography service for businesses looking for a unit to retouch product images in bulk.

Product photography service on white background at the studio, is a prestigious product photography service of many brands of cosmetics, kitchen tools, electronics, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pants. 3D shirts, bags, leather products, industrial machinery, etc. Some brands have trusted in JAYbranding's services such as Rinnai, Chilai, Huawei, Pierre Cardin, Wacoal, Sherpani USA, Trimmers Pro, Miki White, Wesser, MOIs,…

Product advertising photography service

Quick and simple product photography process. Customers only need to send the product to be photographed to the studio and exchange the concept. We will take photos and update the progress individually for guests via Facebook, chat…

Fast post-processing. Free bulk logo attachment package for customers in need.

Benefits of Product Advertising Photography Service

In order to attract customers and showcase your products in the online marketplace, Commercial Product Photography Services are crucial for creating a strong and unique impression. Product photography on white background is an outstanding service of JAYbranding. With a professional photography team, we have assisted in changing the images of major brands such as Rinnai, Chilai, Huawei, Pierre Cardin, Wacoal, Sherpani USA, Trimmers Pro, Miki White, Wesser, MOI, etc.

In this article, we will share with you the benefits of white background product photography, the process and requirements required to do it.

Product advertising photography service process

When it comes to commercial product photography, your photography process is an important factor in increasing your appeal and building trust with your customers. Today there are many tools to support online photography, from large product photography for ecommerce to support tools for photo designers. But for the best commercial product shots, check out the following product photography workflow:

  1. Preparation: Before you start taking photos, make sure you have all the necessary equipment like camera, lights, background, etc.
  2. Placement: To create the best product shots, you need to position your products with the best angles and positions.
  3. Take a photo: You can use the light adjustment tool and other settings on the camera to take the best photos possible.

That's the basic product photography process. Try it out to create high-quality photos of your products!

Request Product Advertising Photography Service

Product advertising photography service on a white background is a common technique in the world of e-commerce. We've known for a long time that product photography against a white background provides customers with a more distinctive experience, which in turn helps brands get bigger and achieve more impact.

However, for high-quality white background product photography, there are some specific requirements that you need to adhere to. First, you need to make sure that your white background is wide enough for you to capture the product well. Then you need to prevent darkness or other problems that can cause. Finally, you need to use the right lighting to ensure that all of the products that are captured look good.

Pictures of finished products Product advertising photography service

In commercial product photography, example images are important because they are an important part of the commercial product market community. We need to make sure that the product images taken have good brightness and clarity for the viewer. When taking product photos, make sure all mobile devices, tablets and computers are compatible.

An effective way to take commercial product photos is to shoot against a white background, so that viewers can see your product better. You should also set photographic parameters such as brightness, contrast, infrared, etc. to achieve the best product images. In addition, it is recommended that you take multiple images from different angles to ensure your product is displayed at its best.

Product advertising photography service price

Price list for the company's product advertising photography service.

The cost of a product ranges from 80k to 150k on average, depending on the quantity and complexity of the product

Typical projects


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