Koyu & Unitek

Koyu & Unitek is the first foreign investor in the field of personnel supply, outsourcing and poultry processing in Vietnam. We have always been a pioneer in development activities for the health and benefit of the community in Vietnam during our operation.
Is the food we are eating every day safe? The question perhaps each of us has to ponder to find the answer when every day, we receive a flood of information about diseases caused by unclean food and findings about facilities. Producing products under unsafe food conditions makes us more and more concerned with what we eat.
Understanding and empathizing with consumers' worries at a time when food quality is a big issue, Koyu & Unitek company is determined to bring consumers and families peace of mind in their meals every day. with quality clean chicken products, which are strictly controlled according to Japan's closed process to bring peace of mind to consumers and their families.
The criteria that make up Koyu & Unitek:

1. Your health is our responsibility

2. Bring the best quality products.

3. Appreciate and connect people.

4. Environmental protection



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