Established in 1881, Nippon Paint Corporation today has become a leading brand in the world in Paints and Coatings.

Present in 16 countries around the world, Nippon Paint has been a pioneer in the field of discovering new technologies. With constant efforts in improving the protective function of Paint and creating new color chains, Nippon Paint strives to meet the maximum expectations of customers.

Nippon Paint has been present in Vietnam since 1994 with 100% foreign investment, the factory is located in Bien Hoa II Industrial Park, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai. Since its launch in Vietnam, Nippon Paint has always launched the best quality paint products manufactured based on Japanese technology for the automotive, architecture, home decoration industries... Based on the core values of sincerity, abundant human resources and continuous improvement in work, Nippon Paint has contributed to the completion of many large projects and continues to beautify many areas in Asia. in general and in Vietnam for many years to come.

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Protect a more beautiful world

Paint not only helps protect the surface, but also helps to spread color, bringing beauty to life and surroundings. That is the spirit and culture that Nippon Paint always adheres to. Paint is not just a material used to beautify wooden or wall surfaces, cement or mortar, steel or plastic. Paint is a color that creates charm, creates a feeling of joy, celebrates creativity and beauty.

Color Sense

We create a vibrant color scheme, providing a wide range of choices, and easy color matching to make your apartment beautiful.

Long lasting quality

Nippon Paint ensures all paints meet the quality and usage requirements as advertised

Advanced technology

We introduce to our customers easier-to-use product lines with new technology, the color of your home lasts longer.

Environmental friendliness

Nippon Paint protects the environment in every aspect, from improving product quality to manufacturing and working processes.

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