BIGWIT Foundation

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BIGWIT . Foundation focuses on providing financial and emotional support to disadvantaged girls in Vietnam to achieve education. We work to break the cycle of poverty by helping children from poor or disadvantaged communities to go to school or receive further education or training, not only helping them, but we want them to. empowering succeeding generations and their communities to change the future with more choices.


Typical projects

VEYO - landing page

INTRODUCTION THE FIRST PLANT DRINKING Yogurt in VIETNAM Naturally fermented from 100% milk 5 rich nuts


X-men website - powerful and breakthrough Surely the name X-men is no longer a strange name for the Vietnamese market

Website DOLAV Vietnam Dolav is a global, leading provider of superior storage and processing solutions. From year

Dr. Nguyen Giap BS. TRAN NGUYEN GIAP Doctor Tran Nguyen Giap graduated as a General Practitioner at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City.

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