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Note when taking photos of hotels

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The following are the notes when taking beautiful hotel photos, taking hotel photos that JAYbranding synthesizes from practical experience working with customers who are leading hotel, hotel and resort brands.

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When searching for a hotel on the internet, most of us will look for information about that hotel through pictures. Therefore, taking professional hotel photos is extremely important. It can help your hotel stand out from the competition and attract more customers.

Why is professional hotel photography important?

Before going into the details of how to take professional hotel photos, let's find out why it's important for your hotel.

  • Make a good impression: Your hotel will make a better impression on customers if presented through beautiful and professional photos. Because most customers will see photos on websites or online booking sites
  • Stand out from the competition: If your hotel has beautiful and professional photos, it will stand out from other competitors. In countless hotel photos, investing in beautiful hotel photography will help you quickly capture the hearts of customers even though the facilities may not be as perfect as the hotel photos.
  • Increase customer trust: Professional photos will increase customer confidence in your hotel, especially when they are considering booking.

Tips for taking professional beautiful hotel photos

To have professional hotel photos, you need to follow a few basic principles. Here are some headlines on how to take professional hotel photos:

Use the right lamps and lighting

The most important thing when photographing a hotel is to use the right lights and lighting. You need to choose the right type of lamp and flash to create different effects and enhance the lighting in the hotel.

In addition, to create beautiful and professional photos, you need to know how to use the right colors and lighting. You can use simple lights or combine with sunlight to create more impressive photos. You should also pay attention to the lighting in the hotel room to take advantage of the best shooting angles.

beautiful hotel photography

Moreover, you can also use photo editing software to create unique effects and enhance the quality of your photos. You can change the contrast, brightness and color to create better photos.

So, in order to take beautiful and professional photos of your hotel, you need to choose the right type of lights and flash, know how to use the right colors and lighting, use sunlight and capture the The best shooting angle along with the use of photo editing software to create better photos.

Find the best angle

When taking beautiful hotel photos, in addition to photo quality, the angle of the shot is also an important factor to show the space and amenities of the hotel. Therefore, you need to look for many different shooting angles to be able to create beautiful and interesting photos.

You can try shooting from a high angle, from different angles to find the best angle. In addition, you can also add accessories to enhance the creativity of the photo, such as light bulbs, patterns, or other decorative items. This way, you will be able to create beautiful and unique photos to attract customers to your hotel.

Take the front desk reception facade

This is the most difficult angle among the corners, because most hotels in Vietnam often suffer from common conditions such as small roads that are less accessible, trees cover the facade, and electric wires cover the facade. Therefore, in order to have a suitable photo, it will be necessary to combine many techniques such as taking, editing, restoring the whole or a part of the facade image.

Photographing bedrooms of all types of rooms

During the process, the most attention is paid to when adjusting the light, so that when the post-production comes out, it matches what is actually perceived as well as the room's light vibe. When it is too bright or too dark compared to reality, it will bring a bad experience. The bed sheet stays straight but is also not too noticeable due to the digital adjustment. Pay attention to the items in the room without errors to avoid having to reset

liberty hotel

liberty hotel

Shooting hotel swimming pool

If the hotel has a beautiful swimming pool with a good view, it should be a good time of the day to harmonize the pool water and the sky, but if the pool is small, you need to pay attention to wide glass wool to catch a good angle and give the feeling of a larger lake. In addition, the tank should be cleaned to avoid the sediment on the bottom of the lake which will be difficult to handle

liberty hotel

Take pictures of staff

Receptionist or room service staff, need to choose a smiling staff, not too perfect in face but looking sympathetic and bringing a feeling of welcome.

Edit photos to suit

Photo editing is an important step in the hotel photography process. You can apply a variety of techniques to retouch your photos to suit your hotel's idea and style. For example, create special effects to emphasize the unique features of the hotel, or edit colors, brightness and contrast to create beautiful and professional photos. Besides, you can also add new details to the photo to highlight the highlights of the hotel, such as adding decorative patterns or other objects to the photo. However, be careful when adding new details so as not to lose the professionalism and sophistication of the original photo.

Choose a reputable hotel photography unit

With each specific budget level, if you choose to take hotel photos with JAYbranding's hotel photography service, we have completely reasonable consulting packages suitable for each hotel photography needs. hotel according to the right needs and suitable segment. With the experience of JAYbranding JAYstudio, we divide into 2 basic service packages: Premium photography packages for 4, 5 star hotels and Economical service package for the segment of 3 stars or less.


Taking professional hotel photos can be of great benefit to your hotel. If you stick to the fundamentals and use the headlines above, you'll be able to take great photos and attract more customers. Get started and take the best photos for your hotel!

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