Ticklock – Video Introduction of Ticklock locks

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Electronic door lock TICKLOCK is a famous door lock brand from Malaysia. Malaysian technology products have long been famous in the Asian market for their good quality and competitive prices. TICKLOCK brand is no exception, grasping market trends, TICKLOCK has invested in modern technology to launch a line of electronic door locks with delicate, luxurious design, convenient use functions. and intelligent.

In Vietnam market, TICKLOCK electronic lock is imported and distributed exclusively by SEALINK VIETNAM INVESTMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY. TICKLOCK® products have clear origin (C/O – CQ) and are registered at the Ministry of Industry and Trade. There are CE quality certificates (certificate of standard export to the European market), quality certificates of standard level for construction works of large investors.


Video is scripted and filmed by JAYstudio team: https://jaystudio.asia/video-doanh-nghiep/

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