Record video clips of hospitals, clinics, and beauty salons

Record video clips of hospitals, clinics, and beauty salons. JAYbranding is a leading production unit in the field of medical and clinic video production in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Our company is fully focused on helping healthcare organizations reach, educate and impact their target audience – from patients and care providers to investors and partner. Our approach is flexible and customer-centric, helping to ensure that every project exceeds our client's expectations.


Behind the success of your clinic are dedicated and dedicated medical staff and doctors. We uncover their stories and link them to your unique brand elements to connect with your customers, helping to promote more of your brand inside and outside of your business.

JAYbranding helps you create attention in the medical field – showcasing the personalities that make your hospital or clinic brand special. That way, customers can get to know the hospital, clinic and company culture better. From an internal perspective, this also helps employees feel more valued and engaged with your brand.


Medical video production, like medicine itself, is a science and an art. As a science, medical videos should be precise and concise. You must convey your message in as few words as possible, but make it clear and easy to remember. Your audience is healthcare professionals who have little time to listen and are impatient with ambiguity.

Today, effective communication with customers is all about creating emotional connections. Doing this requires developing trust, sharing meaningful stories, and highlighting the human side of your brand.

Medical, hospital, clinic, and dental videos made by JAYbranding