Video recording of factories, workshops, industrial zones

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Filming in Factory, Workshop, Industrial Park, Production Facility requires a completely different approach to video production and meticulous planning for seamless execution as factories sometimes have low light , less space for camera placement and cluttered environments; making the overall shot difficult.

Here are some steps on how to go about shooting for a Professional video for factory.


Survey shooting locations: Check the factory before shooting to get an idea of where the camera is located or the drone's flight space. Carefully checking lighting requirements is a good time saver for post-production work as factories often have dim lighting. Analysis and notes on critical machinery, operations, product handling and other key areas.

Lens selection: Having a clear understanding of your video's end goal will help make the right lens choice. The best way, choose a wide-angle lens to show a larger size or a wider perspective. Use a close-up prime lens for detailed shots of the production process. Choosing a lens with an aperture of f1.4 or f1.8 is ideal for capturing good quality footage, especially in poorly lit areas.


Machine Drones – Flycam: The drone's lightweight aerodynamic body and high-flying capabilities are the perfect tools for capturing vivid aerial photos and showing dynamic views of factories and machines.

Sliders and Gimbal: Extremely important tool for taking interesting photos and adding motion effects while keeping the frame jitter-free.

Infrastructure and machinery when shooting: Set the camera to 60 fps when shooting machinery and 24 fps when shooting more stable subjects like inline workers, R&D labs, and forklifts. Avoid Slider/Gimbal while capturing fast movement of machines; instead capture more stable subjects. You should capture multiple angles of the machine and the infrastructure. Capture multiple shots of the magic moments/key movements of the machines to have enough post-production options.

Worker: Capture workers' confident machine handling skills and qualifications.

Quality control:

Field review of the video for end-to-end quality checks focusing on the small details demonstrates the organization's intense focus on product quality that will lengthen the overall view of the video and make more engaging videos.

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