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Model rental, model rental, model rental service of JAYbranding introduces model rental and management services to meet the diverse needs of businesses and brands. With our experience and expertise, we take pride in providing our customers with quality services and meeting all of their needs.

We provide clients with professional models with the following specific activities:

Cheap advertising model:

If you are looking for an effective advertising solution, we will provide you with cheap advertising models but still ensure the quality and effectiveness of the advertising campaign. In addition, we can also advise you on how to plan, design and implement an effective advertising campaign.

Our professional and experienced team will help you improve customer engagement and increase sales. We guarantee your satisfaction by providing service model rental best possible at an affordable price.

High-fashion photography model:

For fashion advertising campaigns, we are proud to provide our customers with professional, experienced and skilled fashion models in this field. We ensure that our models not only have an eye-catching appearance, but also possess a variety of styles and the ability to adapt to all types of outfits and styles.

We put professionalism and reliability first, ensuring that you will be satisfied and successful in your advertising campaigns when choosing our services.
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Hire PG Models for bulk events:

If you are organizing large events, such as trade shows, exhibitions or celebrations and need a large number of models, we will provide you with bulk event models, with enough different features to suit your promotional purposes.

We ensure the quality and effectiveness of the event, including training the models before the event, so that the models can present your products, services or messages in a way Professional and attractive to customers.

In addition, we also assist you with modeling rental needs in planning the use of models to suit your event planning. With a diverse team of models, you won't have to worry about finding the right number of models for your requirements, and can focus on other aspects of your event to achieve your goals. best results.

Model Rental KOL service:

If you are looking for a way to reach customers through KOLs, we will provide you with KOL service models, helping you to reach customers easily and effectively.

Our team of KOL service models are professionally trained and experienced in promoting your products and services. We will search and select the KOLs that best suit your product or service. We will also help you design and implement a strategy to reach customers through KOLs.

In addition, we will ensure that reaching customers through your KOL is a continuous and efficient process. We will measure and analyze the results of your campaigns to ensure that you are investing in your outreach smartly and effectively.
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Western male and female models, foreign models from Europe and Asia:

If you are looking for model rental western, male or female models, or foreign models from Europe and Asia, we will provide you with models that suit your needs.

Southwest model

Southwest models include a number of foreign male models living and working in Vietnam, most southwest models are not mostly professional models but they have attractive western looks and faces. so it's very easy to model for the domestic market. Current male models in the gym, 6-pack with domestic samples are not lacking. You can refer to some samples as below:

Western female model

Female models come from Eastern European countries, most of the foreign female models have the appearance and desire for a career in the fashion field. But these industries are not developed or highly competitive in the country they are living in, so Vietnam is a reasonable choice. Usually, a session takes 2-3 hours, about 2-3 million VND, suitable for most domestic and foreign brands.


Receptionist, PG & PB Rental:

If you are looking for a receptionist, PG or PB for your event, we will provide you with professional, experienced and well-prepared receptionists, PG or PB.

Talents and actors for other large and small photography and video projects:
If you are looking for talent, actors for other large and small photography or videography projects, we will provide you with the right talents and actors to suit your requirements.

We are committed to providing quality service and meeting all the needs of our customers. If you need casting in large quantities, please contact us for the most reasonable price. On the mampal website, we provide full information of the model including 3 ring measurements and related activities.

Please refer to the hundreds of templates available on the website, and after you are satisfied, please notify our team immediately.
Visit the special page for model and actress pictures at

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