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Advantages of JPG (JPEG)

  • Color depth from 24bit to 16 million colors.
  • JPEG is the most commonly used image standard for most digital cameras today.
  • Suitable for creating small image files.
  • Suitable for images with more than 256 colors.
  • JPEG is compatible with all web designs today.
  • Best used, most effective for black and white photos, photos with complex colors, still life photos, everyday photos, portraits.

Advantages of PNG:

  • The background image is not jagged.
  • Standard compression LossLess, which means that the image after being compressed still retains the same quality.
  • Transparency can be set between opaque and fully transparent, giving us an opaque look.
  • The PNG format can be placed on top of any image and still keep it visible.
  • PNG format is good for web/blog, flat color patches, Logo design, images with transparent or semi-transparent background.
  • Suitable for images as simple as text.
  • Photo is in the process of being edited.

Advantages of GIF images

  • GIF supports few colors, so the files are usually much smaller than JPEG.
  • The image is compressed according to the Lossless standard, so there is no data loss when compressing.
  • Vivid GIF with animation: GIF is simple, compatible, and automatically recognized on most web browsers. It works by creating a series of GIF frames that are then combined to create an animated image.
  • GIFs are best used for: simple images like stroke-only drawings, color palettes, and simple illustrations. The animations, web images do not have too many colors, small icons.

When should JPEG, GIF, PNG image formats be effective?

Typical projects

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Every holiday or weekend, with only 2 hours of driving, customers can freely enjoy the seconds

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Newly born in 2014, but HT House has really been cooked since 20 years ago in the minds of people

HANA Asia Serviced Office

Client: Waterina Suites Category: Hotel – Interior, Home Production team: JAYbranding HANA Asia Serviced Office (former name: Leopalace21 Vietnam) is a business

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