Procedures for setting up a company

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The establishment of a company or an enterprise is always bound up with various kinds of procedures. The procedure for establishing a company should be based on the provisions of the legal system. As such, the owner of the company/business must be knowledgeable about the necessary procedures to help complete the company.

However, not everyone understands the mechanism for implementing legal procedures. They are easy to make business owners become more confused when starting to implement, especially in new businesses. So, let's find out with JAYbranding through the basic procedures to set up a company.

Prepare full company/business information

The best preparation of business information will help business owners quickly complete procedures and documents. Thereby, shortening the procedure time, and at the same time limiting possible problems.

Here, the business owner needs to determine the type of business. The type of business is a factor that affects issues such as taxes, liability, business size, etc.

In addition, business owners must also master the following information:

  • Company name.
  • Address of the head office of the company/enterprise and the right to use the legal office.
  • Determine charter capital.
  • Determine the title of the representative (director or general director) according to the law.
  • Standardized business lines according to regulations.
  • Drafting documents to establish the company and make a seal of the legal entity

After fully preparing information about the company/enterprise, the representative will rely on the provisions of Article 20 of Decree 43 to compile documents and official letters to establish the company.
The drafting of documents is not too complicated, but requires the implementer to be knowledgeable and careful.

According to Article 25 of Decree No. 43/2010/ND-CP dated May 15, 2010, we need to submit an application at the provincial business registration office where the enterprise's head office is located. The applicant is a legal representative or a person with a valid power of attorney.

The legal entity seal is an indispensable asset of the company/enterprise. In the procedures for establishing a company, we cannot ignore the procedure of making a legal entity's seal.

The business owner or legal representative needs to go to the authorized seal engraving establishment and bring a copy of the Certificate of Business Registration to make a seal. The process of receiving the legal entity's seal is similar to other procedures.

Post a business statement

Before publishing the enterprise report, the legal representative must carry out a number of tasks such as initial tax registration and online tax declaration registration. These are mandatory regulations that the company / business must comply with.
In addition, some companies/enterprises/organizations often forget to do the purchase/order procedures for printing invoices and hang/stick the "invoice form 2" at the company's headquarters. They will affect business operations in accordance with the law.

As such, the procedures for establishing a company are often quite numerous and cumbersome. Business owners, if they do not have much experience, should ask for the support of a qualified intermediary.

JAYbranding is one of the units specializing in supporting businesses in brand consulting, marketing consulting, website design, image production. Here, customers will receive the most professional and dedicated support. As a result, quickly bringing the business's brand to a stable and developing foothold in the current 4.0 technology race.

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