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Company profile is an introduction to create an overview of the unit and is also a premise to attract customers and build a brand image. It is also considered a "treasure" when introducing contractor and supplier capacity.

Usually, companies are often only interested in promoting products without paying attention to the business profile image. Have you ever wondered what the results will be when customers search for your business on the internet? Is it really convincing if only the image of products and services is lacking without information about the company's image, leadership team, and facilities? Therefore, taking business profile photos is extremely necessary for businesses to create a professional company image and their capacity profile.


Important documents when meeting partners

Company profile gives customers an overview of the business. Through this, customers have an overview of the company's professionalism, scale, business field, etc. A professional profile always brings a good first look of customers.

In profile content just need to be brief. Images should be clear and distinctive. The image must show customers clearly about the product, strengths, previous projects and can also be an image of the company's employees or leaders.

Take a company profile photo to quickly and professionally introduce the overall image of the company to partners. Create interest, trust as well as desire to cooperate with businesses.

Increase the brand awareness of the business

Do you see that big companies and brands almost all have their own proflie publications? So no matter how big or small your business, you should own a publication like that. They can give customers a sense of professionalism as well as your brand being pushed up a bit.

Indispensable "treasure" when selling

Visualizing the business through taking company profile photos, customers will be strengthened trust, will consider coming to and desire to cooperate with your company. It also helps the sales department to sell more efficiently. Easy access to larger partners. Helping to increase revenue quickly because of reaching a larger number of customers, customers also easily realize the capacity and potential of the business.

Even if you have an attractive website, a profile is still handy and useful. It helps customers to consult freely and at any time.


Dynamic and experienced staff

From 2019 to now, JAYbranding has had a lot of experience in taking company profile photos for many large and small businesses across the country. With a core force of experienced professionals not only in the field of videography and corporate photography, but also in-depth research in the media and advertising industry. We are young, dynamic, enthusiastic and creative people. With the experience of working with many large and small partners such as Nguyen Kim, Vietbank, Mirae Asset, Hoa Binh, G-Kitchen, ..vv..., we believe in professionalism, serious attitude and public efficiency. the work of its team of experts.

The process of taking professional company profile photos

Coming to JAYbranding, we will discuss with you to know: What is the goal you want to convey to the audience? What image should be included in the profile? How is the image layout? And what support is needed, all of them need to be put on a specific plan. This is an important step, because a unique idea will help make a difference for your company.

Step 1: Receive requests, content, and checklists taken from customers.
Step 2: Quote and sign a photography contract.
Step 3: Take a photo
Step 4: Post-processing
Step 5: Finishing and handing over

Advanced equipment and techniques, quality

In order to ensure the quality of the company profile products, we pay great attention to the equipment used and the techniques of the professionals. We are always up to date with the latest technology and techniques with state-of-the-art digital cameras and high-end lens systems.

Reasonable cost but still ensure the best quality product.

Price is always one of the carefully considered factors, we always strive to bring the most reasonable price to customers when using the company profile photography service. We are always confident that the cost we offer is the most reasonable in the market.

Contact us now for the best advice and quote. We are committed to bringing our customers the best, professional and impressive products.

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