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The menu is simple and easy to understand for those in the advertising media industry. But if a person who is new to contact and learn needs to know its definition. Corporate Film, also known as Business Self-Introduction Film – is a short 5- to 10-minute film that provides complete information about that company or business.

The integration of inspirational sound and impressive content has brought a true sensory look to the viewers, creating sympathy for the company's brand. That is the goal when making corporate advertising films.


From a few years ago, Corporate Films were considered an indispensable form of introduction for foreign businesses. Not as boring and passive as paper brochures, Corporate Films in video format have really conquered fastidious partners and customers. Because the film introduces in a comprehensive, intuitive but detailed and clear way the process, field of activity, products, achievements, facilities, people, ... of the business.

Although in the world Corporate Film has developed for a long time, in Vietnam, it has only been introduced in the last few years. Although it is widely known by the marketing community for its effectiveness, if you search on the internet for professional, modern and polished business introduction films, there are not many. Possible reasons are: Concerned about high costs? Don't understand all the uses of movies?


– When you want to communicate about the capacity of the company or business on the following platforms: Television, LCD elevator, Website, Email, TV in the lobby, in events, seminars, exhibitions...

– The enterprise participates in a certain specialized exhibition event.

– Anniversary events or events about signing contracts and cooperation.

– Launching ceremony or conference of investors and businesses.

– Enterprises want to expand customers from home and abroad.

- Repositioning existing brands in the market.

– Upgrade or install new advanced technology lines for production.

– Receive international certifications for specialist or process imaging or product quality.

- Want to communicate about the business for recruitment.

- Introduce new products of the company.

– Introducing new projects that are about to be released to the market.


Quotations for corporate filmmaking services are not uniform. Each supplier will have different ways of calculating costs. In particular, the quotation depends a lot on the requirements of your business from actors, equipment, and personnel. Below is our preliminary price list for your reference. To get the most satisfactory product to suit the needs of your business, please contact 08.9999.1131 for immediate advice.


In a market with great competition among film-making units, it is not easy for businesses to choose for themselves a reputable, quality production unit with the right price and understand their intentions best.

Film production units are evenly distributed and spread everywhere, making it easy for businesses to access. But which one is the real producer for you?

Choosing the right corporate film production unit will bring you benefits such as:

-Help you save a part of costs, limit costs incurred

- Build content, scripts in the right spirit and communication, promotion and marketing campaigns that businesses are implementing

- Good quality product received, good communication effect

- Production time on schedule

In general, choosing the right advertising film production unit will help businesses express their own colors and be worthy of the costs and expectations set by the business.

JAYbranding is proud to be one of the most experienced corporate film production units in this field. JAYbranding is committed to meeting all the needs of customers who come to use our services.

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