The secret to recruiting talent for businesses

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How to recruit the right people for the right job for the company is one of the extremely important things for managers, among the average candidate, there are only a very few people who are really talented and suitable. , how to quickly find them is a difficult question, so this article on how to recruit talent will help recruiters shorten the time "sanding for gold".
1. Post a job with a clear description
The job description is one of the essential parts in a job posting, the clearer and more specific the description, the faster it will be to find good people and eliminate unsuitable candidates.
In a job description will include important items such as:
Job, main duties of the candidate
Candidate's place of work
Type of work
The company's requirements for candidates
Things that candidates will enjoy when applying for a job…

2. Clearly define the purpose of recruitment
Many businesses and companies make the mistake of not determining the criteria they will need in a new employee right in the first step of recruitment. Calling candidates for an interview but not knowing what criteria you will choose them according to, this will easily cause the company to accidentally eliminate really suitable candidates. Usually, hiring professionals ask traditional interview questions in a certain "safe" format and rate candidates in terms of "like/dislike", "likely/unlikely"... For the most effective interview, the employer should define the recruitment criteria and make a sample table, in which the recruitment criteria are divided into categories, for example: Education; Work experience; Work places; Management capabilities; Ability to work under high pressure; Language skills…

3.Expand the search field
One of the Talent recruitment secret is to expand the search field, it should not be limited to the scope in which the company or business is operating, because for talented people they can take on their responsibilities well even without any experience. Experience in the field required by the employer.

4.Candidate information verification
Do not believe too much in what candidates say or the information they provide, employers should actively verify information from many different sources such as managers, former colleagues, acquaintances, gender centers. introduction, investigation and review of criminal history... This will be of great help to the company if it wants to recruit the right talent.

5. Take advantage of the websitecompany to attracting talent

The company website is one of the most effective recruitment channels. Through a compelling company profile, you will have more opportunities to attract many candidates. The company profile should clearly outline the company's vision, growth prospects, core values, and culture. "Good land birds perch". Information promoting the image, reputation, success and good values of the company will be the motivation for candidates to choose your company as a place to develop their long-term career.
Please use the Careers or Recruitment section of the company's website for recruitment purposes. The website should provide a link for candidates to easily apply directly for vacant positions in the company.

6. Don't forget, the newly recruited senior managers are just
Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that a senior candidate is always capable of taking on his or her responsibilities from the very beginning. In fact, these candidates also need time to “apprenticeship” and to get used to the company culture. Therefore, managers should not ask too much, even if they are a talent, give them time to adapt.

7.Using professional staff recruitment service
To speed up all of the above, using a professional employee recruitment service from People Profilers is a great secret to recruiting great talent. Just send us the criteria that businesses need in an employee, we are committed to bringing you the perfect candidate that best suits your business. Currently, People Profilers is one of the most prestigious talent management services in Southeast Asia, the choice of many big men in the demand for high-level staff recruitment. At People Profilers, we have very strict standards for our recruitment team, from having a rich knowledge and understanding of the field in charge, and the ability to grasp and understand the needs and requirements of the recruitment team. Recruitment perspective of the client's business.

We set the motto of hiring the right people for the right job. The right person for the right job is a comprehensive category, the candidate not only has a good professional qualification, but also has to match the recruiting company in terms of ambition, personality and working attitude.


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