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Slogans are an important part of building and developing a brand. It can highlight your brand and help you convey your message to customers easily and effectively. Here are some famous slogans of brands around the world.

Nike – “Just do it” – A good and meaningful slogan.

Nike - "Just do it" - A good and meaningful slogan.

The slogan "Just do it” by Nike is one of the best, most famous slogans in the sports industry. It encourages consumers to take action and inspires them to overcome barriers and achieve their goals. This slogan is very simple and easy to remember, but has a great influence on consumers.

Apple – “Think Different”


“Think Different” is Apple's slogan and it is used to encourage consumers to think differently and be innovative. This slogan has contributed greatly in building the image of Apple as a breakthrough, innovative and sophisticated brand. It also embodies Apple's business philosophy, which is to always come up with new and innovative products to set itself apart from the competition.

McDonald's – “I'm lovin' it”

“I'm lovin' it” is a slogan often used by McDonald's and it has become a symbol of this brand. This slogan focuses on how consumers feel when enjoying McDonald's food, creating a connection between the brand and customers. It's simple, easy to remember and very effective in creating a mark for the McDonald's brand.

L'Oreal – “Because you're worth it”


“Because you're worth it” is L'Oreal's slogan and it focuses on consumer value. It encourages consumers to invest in themselves and respect their self-worth. This slogan also creates a connection between the brand and customers, helping L'Oreal become a loved and trusted brand.

Coca-Cola – “Taste the Feeling”

“Taste the feeling” is a good slogan of Coca-Cola and it emphasizes the consumer experience when enjoying Coca-Cola. This slogan creates a link between the product and consumer emotions, and also creates a special connection between the Coca-Cola brand and the positive values it brings.

The above slogans all have one thing in common: they are simple, easy to remember and at the same time focus on the core values of the brand. This helps the slogan become an important part in building and developing the brand, helping the brand become more prominent and recognizable.

Choosing an appropriate slogan is also an important process in designing a brand identity. If you are looking for a suitable slogan for your brand, carefully research the core value of the brand and try to convey it simply and effectively. You can also find ideas from famous slogans of other brands and customize them to suit your brand.

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