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Taking pictures of babies is a difficult art in photography, requiring high technique and creativity, not only that, but it is also very important to understand the psychology of children to be able to capture funny moments. Children's cuteness creates beautiful photos. However, with each different age, the baby's mood will also change differently.
With experience and passion for photographing children, Tiny's Giant Studio will give you some notes when parents want to take photos of their children by age:
1.For babies from 1-3 months old:

Baby can only lie on his back, so there are only a few poses that can be taken for him. Parents, please pay attention to taking pictures before and after feeding the baby, note how to start a conversation with the baby. When the baby is awake, start talking to the baby to create his attention to help him look directly at the camera, avoid shooting from the leg up or shooting with the head down will not look good. When the baby sleeps, look for angled shots, or prop pillows and blankets to create a tilted position for the baby, avoid shooting straight from the top down when the baby sleeps because that will not look good at all. At this age, babies often sleep erratically, so parents should pay attention to the time when the baby will stay awake for the longest time during the day.
2.For babies from 3-6 months old:
The baby's mood is more clearly expressed and the baby has begun to feel the surrounding space. After preparing everything such as feeding the baby, peeing, dressing the baby, Mom or Dad starts to alarm the baby with words, gestures, sounds continuously to attract strong attention. from baby. This is the most suitable time to take pictures of your baby, Mom and Dad try to catch it because the baby will quickly not notice everything after only 30 minutes. Let's feed the baby about 30 minutes to 1 hour before taking the photo so that the baby doesn't cry or get upset because of hunger while shooting, then parents will have more time to compose photos for the baby. Try to take nude photos of your baby if her neck is already stiff and she can raise her head.
3. For babies from 6-12 months old:
At this time, the baby is quite sensitive, when he is happy, he will be happy for an hour, but when he cries, he will cry until his parents put the camera down. Both parents should play with the baby for about 5 minutes before taking pictures so that the baby gets used to the surrounding space, after seeing the baby start to integrate with me, then take out the camera to take pictures. During the shooting, if the baby cries, the parents should not try to take more pictures, please pick up the baby and comfort the baby, play with the baby. Your baby will get bored of the old game very quickly, so find a new game and play with your baby, when you see your baby happy with the new game, shoot again.
4. For babies from 12-24 months old:

At this time, most of the children can walk, so they will run around, playing in each place a little bit very active. Parents, let the baby play whatever he likes and choose the time, choose the angle to shoot for the baby, do not force the baby to stand this way and pose that way because when forced, the baby will be very forced. Pay attention to songs, games, and objects that your baby likes to play with. Play some songs that your baby likes to dance to at home and sing and dance with them.
5.For babies over 24 months old:
Baby has begun to hear, understand and perceive many problems. Mainly, parents, let's play with the baby, can show the baby how to pose like this, pose like that to take pictures for the baby. Some children at this age have a hard time talking, parents should not be too angry and yell, scold them when they do not do as they please, find a way to play with them or let them play whatever they like, this is the point. The key to taking good pictures for babies at this age.
General notes:
– Baby nude photos are a very beautiful type of photo that later, when the baby gets older, they will not be suitable to take anymore. From 5-10 months old is the most suitable time to take nude photos for babies (When starting to know how to roll and before learning to walk)
– When you come to the studio, play with your baby before 5.10 minutes so that your baby gets used to the surrounding space and the person taking the photo.
– When taking pictures for your baby, don't yell at him or force him to do as he pleases; Play with your baby and let him play naturally -> you will get beautiful pictures of your baby.
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