How to write an effective mission vision for the business

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Writing a vision and mission is an important part in building strategy and developing businesses. A vision and mission is a general statement about the major purpose and goals of an organization, company or business. It guides the organization's future activities and helps shape the organization's development strategy.

Write a vision and mission

A vision and mission is usually a brief statement but a profound message about the biggest goal of an organization or business. For example, write the mission vision for Facebook to “Connect people around the world and build open and interconnected communities.”

Writing focuses on vision and mission

  1. Vision: Vision must reflect the long-term goals of the business, what the business wants to achieve in the future. It must be clear and specific, and can be used as a guide for the business's strategic decisions. For example: "Become a leading enterprise in the field of manufacturing and trading health care products for the whole family."
  2. Mission: The mission should reflect the purpose of the business, what the business does and how it supports its vision. It must be creative, act as a statement and must demonstrate the business values of the business. For example: “Improve the quality of life and promote health for everyone by providing quality, innovative and scientific healthcare products.”
  3. Pay attention to the language when writing: When writing your vision and mission, use simple and intuitive language to convey the message in an easy-to-understand way for customers and employees. Besides, free shipping and good customer service also play an important role in this strategy.
  4. Ensure that your business's vision and mission are conveyed clearly, strongly and fully in any communications materials, including your website, articles, advertising or corporate literature

    Note that these are only general guidelines and depending on the nature and specifics of the business as well as the field of activity, the vision and mission will be formed. However, determining vision and mission plays an important role in developing the strategy and direction of future business operations.

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    Note when writing vision and mission for the company

    1. Must be consistent with the core values and purposes of the business: writing a vision and mission must reflect the values and purposes of the business. It must highlight the uniqueness of the business and must be anchored on the core values of the business.
    2. Be specific and clear: Give specific and clear goals. It must be written in language that is easy to understand and conveys the exact meaning.
    3. Must be linked to each other and to the overall strategy: Vision and mission must be closely linked to each other, and both must be linked to the overall strategy of the business. This will help ensure consistency and the right direction for the business's strategy.
    4. Update: Writing a business's vision and mission is not a static thing but must be regularly updated depending on the market and changing customer needs.
    5. Must present the value created for customers and society: Vision and mission should refer to the value that the business brings to customers and the social community, through its products or services. This helps businesses create prestige and reliability with customers and society.
    6. Must meet market and customer needs: Vision and mission must be planned realistically and meet customer needs in the current market. This helps businesses achieve positive interactions with customers and prolongs the business's lifespan in the market.
    7. Must be consistent with the capabilities of the business: Set up to match the capabilities and capacity of the business to ensure the feasibility and effectiveness of the strategy.
    8. Must be conveyed to the employees of the enterprise: conveyed to all employees of the enterprise to work towards common goals and contribute to the success of the enterprise.

    Write a vision and mission

    Vision and mission statements can be referenced

    1. “Our vision is to build a better world, through improving the quality of people's lives.”

    2. “Our mission is to bring convenience and enjoyment to our customers through the best products and services.”

    3. “Our vision is to build a global community in which everyone is respected and treated fairly.”

    4. “Our mission is to contribute to a more sustainable world, by minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment.”

    5. “Our vision is to deliver differentiation to our consumers, through products and services that are unique and best in the industry.”


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