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Film editing concept

Editing service is the process of creating a finished video product from various video, image, audio and graphic resources. This process includes selection, cutting, editing, color correction, adding sound effects, graphics, or other elements to create a complete and professional film work.

The role of editing services

Editing services play an important role in creating high-quality video products that meet the needs of customers. Contribute to the creation of quality videos for your business. This is a complex technical process and requires the professionalism, skill and experience of the editing professionals. The roles of the editing service include:

  • Select and organize visual, audio and graphic resources to create a complete and compelling story.
  • Cut and combine images and sounds together logically and logically to create a seamless flow of the story.
  • Edit color, lighting, contrast and other elements to create a unique style for video products.
  • Add special effects, graphics, or sounds to enhance the aesthetics and appeal of your product.
  • Synchronize audio and video, add background music, or voiceovers to create a complete, professional product.and properly meet the needs of customers.

Why businesses need to use professional video editing services

In this day and age, visibility is extremely important for businesses. In which business video is a tool to help identify businesses more easily. Therefore, businesses should hire professional video editing service companies, where they will create good ideas, shoot and edit professionally to help create quality video products, easy to access. and impress customers for your business.

Notes when choosing a film editing company

  1. Experience and expertise: Should choose an editing company with experience and expertise in the field of editing. Check out the company's previously completed projects, look through reviews and feedback from past customers to gauge the company's quality of work.
  2. Professional production team: The team of an editing company should have a professional production team, including editors, technicians, designers, animators, and other related professionals. Make sure the company has a team with the skills, knowledge and experience to meet the requirements of your video project.
  3. Technology and equipment: The technology and equipment used in editing plays an important role in the quality of the final product. Ensure the editing company uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment, is up to date and meets industry standards.
  4. Bundled Services: Other bundled services such as sound, graphic design, animation, and animation can be a big plus for your project. Check if the company offers these services, and whether their quality meets your requirements.
  5. Product quality: The quality of the final product is an important factor when choosing a video editing company. Go through the company's past projects, check the quality of the work produced, from cuts, colors, sounds, animations, etc. Make sure the company is capable of achieving the product quality according to your expectations.

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Video editing service at JAYbranding

JAYbranding is a professional video editing unit in Vietnam with more than 6 years of experience JAYbranding is honored to be a corporate image partner for many reputable businesses in many fields such as: Finance, banking, insurance, human resources, construction, real estate, health, F&B,...

JAYbranding is proud to be a unit trusted by domestic and foreign enterprises such as Lien A, Anova Farm, VASS, etc.

With many years of experience working with businesses large and small, we confidently understand the wishes and expectations on the business introduction video. JAYbranding always seeks and offers reasonable solutions for each case of each customer with the desire to jointly create the highest values.

Film editing process at JAYbranding


Customers send their requests and wishes to the company via zalo, phone number, email, etc. The company will receive and respond to customers..


The company sends a quote for each product package to the customer, if the customer agrees with the company's quote, the customer will choose the most suitable video editing product package for him and then report back to the company.


The company receives the necessary data for video editing from the customer.


The company will begin to step into video production to release products.


The company will send the demo to the customer for review, correction, and final product


After carefully editing with the customer's wishes, the company will export the finished file and send it to the customer

Price list for editing at JAYbranding


- Create content ideas according to the direction of the business.
- Use vivid 2D effects.
– Use up to 1 stock video to merge.
– English or Vietnamese dubbing.
– Insert subtitles.
- Video output in Full HD quality.
– Supports editing up to 3 times.

Price:                      VND 14,500,000

VAT (10%):   1,450,000 VND

Total:          VND 15,950,000


- Creation of business-oriented content.
- Use vivid, modern 3D effects.
– Use up to 2 stock videos to merge.
– Voice Talent native speakers.
– Supports video or model footage up to 1 hour 30 minutes.
– Insert subtitles.
- Video output quality 2k sharp.
– Supports editing up to 5 times.

Price:                      28,500,000 VND

VAT (10%):   VND 2,850,000

Total:         31,350,000 VND

Typical product projects

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Working with the motto with kindness, seriousness and dedication in work, JAYbranding will bring you the best quality products to your customers.

Typical projects


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