Roles, functions and duties of QC Manager

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Each business will have different ways to control product quality and the QC Manager is responsible for ensuring that those methods are strictly implemented so that any product produced by the business. All meet quality standards.

So the role, function, QC Manager's duties What is in business? Let's go together JAYbranding Find out in the following article!

1- The role of QC Manager in the business

As consumers have more and more choices and higher requirements for product quality, product quality becomes an important strategy to help businesses increase their competitive advantage. Therefore, businesses need a QC Manager to help them ensure product quality always best meets the requirements of quality standards.

In the enterprise, QC Manager has the role of inspecting and evaluating product quality according to certain standards. They will stand on the consumer's side to feel and determine whether your product can meet the customer's requirements or not.

QC Manager not only plays the role of product quality control, but also has the role of checking and evaluating the supplier's products whether those products are necessary for the production process of the enterprise or not. the quality of those products is guaranteed or not.

At the same time, QC Manager also plays the role of supervising other quality control experts of the enterprise. They also coordinate with other departments to ensure products meet specifications and create quality standards in line with quality requirements.

2- Functions of QC Manager 

QC Manager has the following functions:

2.1- Control

QC Manager will regularly collect, check and analyze information related to the product to ensure that the product always meets the set quality standards. Every day product samples from the production line will be collected and analyzed to make sure everything is going according to plan.

2.2- Troubleshooting

When problems occur or detect defective products, it is QC Manager who is responsible for fixing these problems. They will have to find the cause and solution to deal with it as quickly as possible to ensure the production process is not delayed. In addition, QC Manager is also responsible for contacting and reporting issues that may affect other departments and stakeholders.

2.3- Improve product quality

Not only stopping at product quality control, but QC Managers are also responsible for finding effective measures to improve product quality. Only when product quality is continuously improved can enterprises ensure a competitive position in the market.

2.4- Monitoring and consulting

QC Managers are experts in the field of quality management. With their professional qualifications and experience, they are responsible for supervising staff in the QC department and directly advising and answering questions for customers on technical issues.

3- Tasks of QC Manager

Normally, QC Manager will take on a lot of different tasks to ensure that only products that meet the set quality requirements and standards are mass-produced and sold to consumers.

Here are some typical tasks that QC Managers at most businesses are responsible for:

– Establish procedures, quality standards and specifications for each product of the business.

- Coordinate with purchasing department to ensure the quality of input materials meets quality requirements.

– Establish and enforce health and safety standards during job performance.

– Conduct research to find solutions to reduce waste and maximize resource efficiency.

- Ensure the production process complies with domestic and foreign production standards.

– Conduct surveys to determine customer requirements and ensure established quality standards meet those requirements.

– Make recommendations to business management on how to improve quality control processes.

– Collect and analyze quality statistical data to obtain information on quality performance.

– Supervising inspection staff, QC staff and other employees of the company to ensure they always comply with established quality control regulations and procedures.

Monitor product development to identify deviations from the quality policy.

- Perform quality control of raw materials and finished products.

– Review current process and product specification to determine what needs improvement or upgrade.

– Approve satisfactory products and remove defective products.

- Prepare reports on quality control for business leaders.

Above is all information about the roles, functions and duties of the QC Manager in the enterprise JAYbranding want to send to you. Hopefully with this information, you will have a better understanding of the QC Manager position and have more motivation to develop a career in the field of quality management.

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