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A sale kit consists of a set of documents, products, software, or equipment used to support a business process or promote sales products or services. Depending on each person's specific business goals, the "sale kit" can be customized to meet different needs.


What is a sales kit?

A set of business support tools, consisting of documents, products, software, and equipment used to promote products, sell services, or increase sales. 

The documents in the “sale kit” can include card lists, brochures, catalogs, sponsorship contracts, price lists, company profiles and other office documents. In addition, software and sales support devices such as inventory management software, POS machines and other payment devices may be included. 


The sales kit helps businesses reduce business development time and costs, improve marketing efficiency and sales management. However, sales kits are often customized for each business and specific purpose, and the software and tools included in the sale kit can also vary depending on the type of business.

The sale kit usually includes the following elements:

1. Product introduction document

  •  Business card 

Used to introduce yourself or a company in meetings, seminars or other business situations. Business cards often contain basic information about an individual or business, including name, title, address, phone number, email address, and other information depending on the intended use.


  • Brochure

A type of promotional material, which can be produced as a single-page or multi-page book, used to convey information about a company or organization's products or services. Contains detailed information, product introduction images, price information, and contact information for customers to access. Brochures are often included in exhibitions, marketing events or sent directly to customers.


  • Catalogue

Promotional material used to showcase a company/organization's products or services, containing details, images, and descriptions of the product or service. Catalogs are often included in exhibitions, product launches or are sent directly to customers or related partners. 

  • company profile

Company records include information about the company's industry, name and contact information, legal papers, financial documents, employee lists, and other important documents. The company profile is used to store all information related to the company's activities, to provide those with access to up-to-date information about the business and its status, and to help The company maintains important documents and complies with legal regulations.

  • Sponsorship deal

A financing contract is an agreement between two parties in which one party commits to providing financial resources to the other to carry out a project or business activity. Financing providers typically require the grantee to meet certain conditions, such as maintaining good financial standing, securing repayment, or completing a directional project.

  • Price list 

A price list is an important business document, containing information about the prices of products or services that a company or business offers. Price lists are often used to introduce customers to products or services, provide information about prices, units of measure, product or service ranges, and promotional policies. 


  • Other office documents: Flyers, invitations, ballots, internal records, ..

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2. Software and equipment to support sales

  • Warehouse management software

Is a type of software designed to help organizations and businesses manage a warehouse or warehouses easily and efficiently. This software provides warehouse management functions such as tracking the quantity of goods in the warehouse, managing the location of each product, recording information about import and export transactions, processing orders and inventory management related information. Warehouse management software is commonly used in the retail, wholesale, manufacturing and shipping businesses.

  • POS machine

A POS (Point of Sale) machine is a type of computer used to perform payment transactions in a business or store. POS machines are often connected to payment devices such as credit or debit cards to allow customers to pay by card. In addition, POS machines also allow sellers to enter information about the quantity, price and other details of products sold into the computer, helping to manage inventory and calculate sales. POS machines are commonly used in retail, restaurants, hotels and other service-providing businesses.

  • Other payment devices: Mobile POS machine Mobile payment device, Online payment gateway, QR code reader, E-wallet: 

3. Product samples: 

Product samples are different versions of a product, offered to customers to choose from. They are designed to meet different customer needs and preferences and create a wide range of choices for customers. Product templates are commonly used in retail, fashion, electronics and many other industries.

4. Ribbons and banners

Ribbons and banners are both types of advertising used in marketing campaigns to attract customers. However, they are designed differently in shape and size.

A ribbon is an advertisement that is usually placed at the top or bottom of a web page. It is smaller than regular banners and is often used to contain brief promotional information, special offers or call-to-action.

A banner is a large advertisement on a website and is larger in size than a ribbon. Be prominently placed on the website and contain more detailed information about the product or service. Banners are often designed to capture the attention of customers and often use images, graphics, and colors to create an attractive and professional design.

5. Product packaging: 

Include in your sales kit packaging samples so that customers can see the sophistication and beauty of the product. They are designed and manufactured in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, materials to suit each product and intended use. Packaging not only plays a protective role but also plays an important role in promoting and distributing products to consumers.

Information about the salekit

Sample sales kit can be found on the internet, at the websites of design, printing and advertising service companies. JAYbranding is a place to provide services and support for design issues for businesses. 

In addition, companies selling products and services often have their own sales kit templates that you can refer to and customize to suit your business needs. However, in order for the sales kit to be suitable and effective, it is advisable to look to reputable and quality partners for the best advice and support.

Sales kit design process

Step 1: Shaping the target and customers to serve

  • Determine the goals of Salekit and the audience you want to target.

Step 2: Concept design

  • Learn about customer tastes and build a suitable brand concept.

Step 3: Determine the required products

  • Determine the type of documents and accessories needed such as brochures, flyers, business cards, namecards, promotional gifts, etc.

Step 4: Choose material and design form

  • Choose materials to create professionalism and convey the right message.

Step 5: Design

  • Carry out the design process through professional design software to ensure accuracy and professionalism.

Step 6: Review and edit

  • Review designs, customize, and edit to ensure quality and meet Salekit goals.

Step 7: Printing and production

  • After the design is completed, proceed to print and produce Salekit in the required quantity.


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