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Historically, color has been used in corporate symbols and logos as a means to convey the meaning, values, and character of the brand. From the use of color to identify product lines in the 19th century to the design of typical logos of modern technology brands, the meaning of color in business logos has had a long process of development. and evolution. Let's take a look at the meaning of colors in business logos and specific examples to better understand the role of color in today's business graphic design.

Red color – Strength, dynamism and charisma

Red is often used to represent dynamism, excitement, and assertiveness. This is a color often used by brands to create a sense of prominence, attraction and passion. Red is often associated with strength, dynamism and charisma. The red color in a logo can represent a brand's assertiveness, prominence, and boldness.

For example:

Coca-Cola is one of the famous brands that use red in the logo to increase recognition and attract customers' attention.

YouTube's logo also uses red, symbolizing the outstanding, impressive and attractive features of this online video sharing platform.

Blue color – Harmony, reliability and safety


Blue is often associated with harmony, reliability, and safety. The color blue in a logo can represent a brand's simplicity, reliability, and safety. It is often used in areas such as finance, information technology, or professional services.

For example:

The Facebook brand has used blue in their logo, demonstrating the trustworthiness, safety and cohesion of their social networking service. 

IBM brand: IBM logo also uses blue color to show professionalism, reliability and modernity in the field of information technology.

Yellow color – Wealth, creativity and optimism

Yellow is often associated with playfulness, dynamism, and cohesion. It is often used in areas such as culinary, entertainment, or commerce.

For example:

McDonald's uses yellow in its logo to represent dynamism, fun, and engagement with their customers.

Ferrari brand: The Ferrari supercar manufacturer's logo also uses yellow, showing luxury, redelegance and class of these supercar products, as well as at the same time combined with the red color symbolizing passion and speed.

Orange color – Energy, creativity and prominence

Orange is often used to represent creativity, enthusiasm, and efficiency. It is often used in fields such as art, design, or communication.

For example:

Coca-Cola's Fanta brand uses orange in its logo to create a sense of fun, dynamism and creativity of the product.

Home Depot brand: Home Depot's logo uses orange color, symbolizing outstanding features, sophistication and professionalism in the field of construction and interior.

Purple color – Sophistication, originality and creativity

Purple is often associated with luxury, originality and dynamism. Purple in a logo can represent individuality, uniqueness and distinctiveness of a brand. It is often used in fields such as fashion, beauty, or high-tech.

For example:

The Yahoo brand uses purple in its logo to represent the uniqueness and dynamism of their technology services.

Cadbury brand: The Cadbury chocolate brand's logo also uses purple, symbolizing the special, premium and luxurious features of their chocolate products.

Pink – Freshness, femininity and innovation

Pink is often associated with femininity, romance, and sweetness. It is often used in areas such as fashion, cosmetics, or women's products.

For example:

The brand Victoria's Secret uses pink in its logo to show the femininity, romance and glamor of their lingerie.

Barbie Brand: Barbie's logo uses pink color to represent the femininity, loveliness and dreaminess of the famous toy brand for girls.

Brown color – Sustainability and quality

Brown is often associated with empathy, quality, and sustainability. It is commonly used in areas such as tourism, food, or manufacturing.

For example, the UPS brand uses brown in its logo to represent the quality, reliability, and professionalism of their shipping service.

Black color – Power, elegance

Black is often associated with elegance, power, and reliability. It is often used in areas such as automotive, couture, or high-tech.

For example:

The Mercedes-Benz brand uses black in its logo to express the luxury, power and reliability of its products.

Nike Brand: The Nike logo uses black to create the strong, unique and sporty character of the world's leading sportswear and footwear brand.

White color – Purity, simplicity

White is often associated with clarity, purity, and simplicity. It is commonly used in fields such as healthcare, information technology, or food.

For example, the Apple brand uses white in its logo to represent the simplicity, purity and creativity of their technology products.

In short, the color in the logo of a business is not only a decorative element, but also carries a deep meaning about the value, nature and message that the brand wants to send to customers. Choosing the right color can help increase recognition, cohesion and create a unique mark for your brand.

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