Food Stylist – The art of giving food a soul

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Have you ever been attracted by the image in the menu, the social media page of a restaurant or eatery? The picture of the dish is eye-catching, evoking cravings and forcing you to go there to enjoy the taste. That is definitely a great success of a Food Stylist. So have you heard of Food Stylist? Read the article below to understand this interesting profession.

Food Stylist – From idea to real life

A Food Stylist will take care of decorating the dishes so that they are eye-catching and exactly as requested by the customer. In addition, they will carry out planning, ideas to practice, creating the most attractive photos for the communication of the restaurant or restaurant through images in the menu, website, and social networks. 

Food Stylist
What is Food Stylist?

People are always attracted by images, especially with images of food that will make them curious about the taste and how delicious it is. That's why restaurants and eateries are always so well-groomed in terms of their image. 

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The job is always on ready state

The time is flexible, so is the workplace of Food Stylist, it can be the kitchen, studio, garden, corner of the room, etc., anywhere there is space for creativity. Prepare from large details such as the background to small details such as forks, forks, spices that can appear in the frame. And always ready for every shoot.

Food Stylist's work
Food Stylist's work

Cuisine is extremely large, each region and country will have a lot of different delicacies. From the way of preparation, preliminary processing of ingredients, cooking and presentation. Really admire Food Stylists when they know the cuisine in their hands. But there will be people who are totally focused on certain foods, thrive on that dish.

When Food Stylist makes everyone wow

The rather harsh truth is when you see Food Stylist at work and look at the finished product on menus, magazines, and social networking sites. Because when they have grasped the principles from physics, chemistry, and modeling, they will use it to reduce the budget but still make the product look like the real thing, even increase the taste. You can watch the video below to get an idea of when Food Stylists turn on hack mode.

Take a few examples from the video, you've seen the foam of beer, when poured into a glass for a few seconds it will melt. Food Stylist uses dishwashing liquid before pouring beer into the glass, increasing foaming. Then, before starting the shoot, they will spray a layer of water on the glass, you can look at the picture to compare. Beer glass with and without the impact of Food Stylist.

Food Stylist
Comparison between with and without food stylist

They are really multi-talented, there are always ways to create products that look like reality. They love their craft, they love food, and they love art. In places with high temperatures, items such as ice cream will melt in a short time. In order not to waste time and budget in the plan of the team, Food Stylist will have to think and apply to make the dish perfect. As you can see in the picture below, the cream when they act on it is shaving cream. The shape is realistic and does not melt, which is perfect for creating a great brand image.

Food Stylist
In pictures and in reality

Opportunities with Food Stylist are always growing

If Food Stylist has worked for a long time and found its outstanding strengths, then they will choose to work with the team to produce quality products and meet customer requirements. Decoration for the purpose of advertising for restaurants, eateries, even big brands, requires them to meet different requirements.

Advertising & Packaging

The work is highly technical, meticulous when it comes to making the products more lifelike and natural looking. The purpose is still to enhance the color and follow the main message of the brand. Usually job descriptions or ideas will be sent to them by agencies or clients for easy visualization. For advertising purposes, the image quality must be good even for the smallest detail.

TVC & TV Show

In this position, it is necessary to have precision and a clear plan to avoid delaying the filming process of the production crew. Above all, is the careful calculation of the amount of food, a scene that is short, but if there is a mistake, we have to go back until there are perfect sources. They will often work with the director and writer to get the shots.


Compared to the two positions above, this position will play the role of a concept builder, ideas and creativity as much as possible. Although it is easier to breathe, the responsibility is always on the top, making works that match the color of that dish. Need to produce quality work to be able to print in magazines or books.

Food Stylist
Types of Food Stylist

Quality team for promotion

The above information has partly summarized the special points in Food Stylist that you can learn. A team of teams combined with good Food Stylist will produce the product quality that meets your requirements. 

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