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Photo composition plays an important role in capturing a moment in life, conveying an idea or message to the viewer, and creating an enjoyable experience for the viewer when viewing a photo.


What is photo composition?

Photo composition is a way of arranging elements and components in a photo to form an aesthetic frame. Elements and components may include objects, for example people, objects, the environment; colors, lights and shadows; and lines and patterns to create an overall sense of the photo

The role of composition in photography

Photo composition plays a very important role in creating a beautiful and meaningful photo. It helps to arrange the visual elements and free space in the photo, creating balance and emphasizing the viewer's attention on the important subject or element in the image. At the same time, the composition also creates a sense of balance, harmony and attracts viewers to the photo. 

If a photo has no composition, it can become cluttered and confusing. Image elements will not be neatly arranged and empty space may take up too much of the image, affecting the aesthetic of the photo.

If you want to create a beautiful and meaningful photo, pay attention to the composition of the photo, arrange the image elements in a reasonable and balanced way. Composition helps the viewer focus on the important subject or element in the photo, helping to create a stronger and deeper impression on the viewer.

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Popular photo layouts 

1. 1/3 . Photo Composition

The 1/3 photo composition is one of the most common rules of framing in photography. Using the rule of dividing the image into 9 parts by drawing horizontal and vertical lines, place the subject of the photo at the intersection points of the lines to create balance and harmony.


2. Minimalist layout

Minimalist composition is a common photo composition in photography where a lot of free space is used and the visual elements are kept to a minimum to create a simple and minimalist photo. In minimalist composition, the main goal is to remove all unnecessary elements and keep the most important things to create a beautiful and profound photo. 


3. Symmetrical layout

When using a symmetrical composition, the image elements are placed on the symmetrical sides of the frame, creating balance and harmony in the photo. Placing an important subject or element in the center of the photo and symmetrically aligning the visual elements around it is often used to create a simple photograph. Symmetrical composition is often used in still photos, but can also be applied in moving photos or graphics.


4. Focused Layout

The subject or important element of the photo is placed in the center of the frame and focused the visual power there. Focus composition is often applied in portrait photography, where the model is placed in the center to create an effect that will attract the viewer's attention. Placing an important element in the center helps to create balance for the image, helping to increase aesthetics and attract the attention of the viewer.

Photo layout

5. Overwhelming composition

When using an overwhelming composition, an image element is enlarged and occupies a larger area than the other visual elements in the photo in order to capture the viewer's attention. Overwhelming composition is often used to create a strong effect or emphasize an important element in an image. However, it should be noted that using an overwhelming composition can easily unbalance a photo if not used correctly.



In addition to the common photo layouts mentioned in the article, in reality, professional photographers use quite a few types of compositions. To create a beautiful photo, in addition to adding knowledge, you also have to practice looking, practice imagination and practice photography a lot to get used to. Hope the information in the article will help you in choosing a photography composition.

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