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Are you in the beginning stages of your photography career or you are a business looking for new ideas for your product photography process.

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Are you in the beginning stages of your photography career or you are a new business and are looking for ideas for your product photography process. Difficulty proposing a new idea, fear of bumping into competitors in the market, etc. Relax for a few minutes with this article, with the basic steps for a new start for you.

Basic idea

The pedestal and background contrast with the product color

Starting from the very basics, like the picture below, you can immediately see the contrast, the black shoe combines a white, red base and a blue background. Along with that, instead of being horizontal as usual, they placed one shoe at a 45-degree angle to the camera, the other would hang with the movement as if it were moving.

product photography
pedestal and background

The use of a stand and background against the product color enhances professionalism and sharpness in the photo, creating contrast and helping the product stand out in the image. However, you need to choose the right colors to create balance and not confuse customers. 

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Show ingredients with floating effects 

Upgrade it with another idea for your product photography to come alive, unique when combined with clearly showing the customer the material with the effect of floating in the air like the photo below.

product photography
show the ingredients and the feeling of floating

This way of shooting increases the professionalism and sharpness of the product in the image. You can use different tools and devices to create a hovering effect, such as misting devices, hanging with white wire, or soft lighting. Besides, you should align the shooting angle and choose the right background to highlight the product. 

Reflection, water in glass

A shooting technique that is quite familiar with products contained in glass or sparkling, do not ignore this idea, they will increase the professionalism and highlight the product. Create a photo that harmonizes but depicts the elegance of these products.

product photography
Product photography with glass reflections

For reflection photography in the water surface, you can place the product on a glass or throw white paper under the product and shoot from above to create a reflection effect in the water surface. It should be noted that the depth of the water and the brightness of the light source will affect this reflection effect

Breakthrough idea

Space and 3D

If you have many years of experience, do not ignore the idea of space combined with 3D effects. Create a new and impressive feeling for that product. Or combine with the story of the brand to form an understanding from the customer to the product. 

product photography
product photography in 3D fusion space

Product photography in space and 3D can create dramatic and unique effects for your products. You can use shooting equipment and techniques such as discharge, flash, or softbox to create 3D lighting and shadows for your product. In addition, it is important that the post-shooting work is the final key to creating the ideal image.

Non-stop movement

With photo shoots with the same model, instead of standing still and posing, guide your model to move, jump, dance, and run. Product demonstration shows that no matter what position we are in, we feel comfortable. In terms of images, it will make the picture more vivid and closer to the customer.

product photography
Moving with the product

Photographing moving products requires patience and time, you may need to take multiple shots to get the perfect shot. And finally, do not forget to arrange to create a beautiful space, suitable for the product and to show the emotions and movement of the product in the shoot.

Tips: Let's fearUse the motion effects mode on the camera to create smooth motion lines in the image

Fresh perspective

A new challenge, a new idea, don't be afraid to change the angle. Try choosing a camera angle you have never tried before. This change can make your product more unique, it will be easier for customers to notice, and you can support samples to create together.

product photography
Try taking product photos with a different perspective

As the image below shows, the photographer has chosen to use a bottom-up perspective. One wayCreate a highlight when photographing products from an unusual perspective, attracting customers in the first seconds. To really impress, you should choose the right context to complete the shoot in the most successful way.

The little person in the picture frame

When photographing products with compact dimensions, you can realize the idea of using the human element in the scene. To create interesting details, you can use any element to add to the scene. For example, you can capture details of the hand holding a product to show how to use it.

product photography
The human factor makes a difference

In addition to enhancing the product image, this idea can be used to suggest activities when using this product. You can use the model's arms or legs for cues. Like the photo above, focus on the image of the nail painting, this makes it easier for customers to visualize how to use and feel closer.

Get creative with a professional photography team

Coming up with ideas for a product photography session is not easy. In addition to meeting the right brand requirements, it must also be done to attract the attention of customers. This is a job that requires practice, practical experience, the above article can help you with a small part of providing ideas. There is no principle, no formula for creativity, art.

product photography
Team JAYbranding

In addition, if you are a business looking for product photography ideas, we can support you from meeting to shaking hands. With a team of more than 10 years of experience in creating corporate images, JAYbranding has become a professional unit in orienting, developing, providing diverse communication solutions and optimizing business efficiency. .

We are always ready to assist you, contact us via:  JAYbranding 

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