Design a website with Wix? Should or not?

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Currently, there are many platforms used to make websites, including Wix. A user-friendly website platform. However, should you use Wix or not?

This article is not really a service PR article, but it provides users who are friends, especially business owners who are looking to start a business, to have the most objective view of using such a platform for businesses. .

You should use Wix in the following cases:

  1. If you start a business with a background in design or good at front-end.
  2. You want a website with a few simple pages just to list services
  3. You already have your desired content frame
  4. Are you someone who likes to DIY everything?
  5. You are fluent in English at a certain level

If you use Wix just to do the following, then you should check it out

1. Want to save money?

In this part, my friends and I both think: well, there is an all-in-one solution, I'll use this quickly. But no, the price of Wix if combined will be very large. A simple example if you want a website with a contact form, the basic price of Wix is 300k/month but there is no red invoice (equivalent to 3 million/year).

2. You want convenience without disturbing others

If you want to do everything yourself, I would like to ask, the duty of a director when starting more than 1 website. You have to take care of everything from marketing, administration and most importantly, finding customers for the company. Unless you are an expert in scams, no one really compares your website to your super aesthetic level (if there is anything), what they care about is whether the information on your web is really full. enough or not.

If you waste your time doing everything from design to content writing, then I don't know what else you will spend time doing. Like yourself, you have to go to the Department of Industry and Trade to submit your application while spending 1 million for the service they do once and you're done.

3. You want your company to stop at just one website and a few pages

Remember, most businesses go from small to large (of course not mentioning unsuccessful cases). At that time, you want to move the content of your website from Wix out, sorry, it's extremely difficult because wix has locked you with them. Not to mention if you do 2-3 projects with Wix, this is extremely difficult, and Wix does not completely support you with customization, because they are just a company selling web building software. Try it if you want a list of provinces in Vietnam for customers to contact easily?

In addition, when the business begins to grow, involving departments, almost every IT professional advises you to leave this platform as quickly as possible. Because it won't help your business in the long run

4. Related marketing solutions

Honestly, I have never seen a website built with Wix that has a good SEO or compatible marketing history, because Wix basically focuses on the editor to get you in, not much attention to the front-end or optimize speed. where for you. If you are reading this article then you probably know that you are reading on your own platform, which is wordpress optimized for Google.

You can refer to the price list at JAYbranding if you need it

  1. Cost savings for the first 2 years
  2. No design or marketing knowledge
  3. Want a package fast service
  4. See more here: Website design service 



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