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Google is currently the largest information search site on social networks. According to statistics, there are 81% internet users using this information search site. Therefore Google Ads advertising is a service that can get your business to consumers faster. At JAYbranding we have the service of running Google Ads ads to meet the needs of our customers. Let's find out the benefits of this service with JAYbranding.

Google ads

What is Google Ads advertising?

Google Ads is a service that allows you to quickly and simply create and run ads on Google search and the Google ad network. No matter how big or small your budget is, you'll only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Google As is the most effective online advertising tool. Here are some of the most obvious benefits for businesses that have been using google ads.

1. Reach the right customer at the right time

With a focus on Google Search Ads, you can reach your customers at the exact moment they are searching for what you have to offer.

Instead of traditional marketing or advertising whereby you are pushing a product, service or brand to an unwilling audience, you are showing your ad to people who want what you have to offer.

Traditional methods can reach the target audience. But with Google Ads, your ads are getting your solution to the right people in need.

The intentions are very different. Anyone searching on Google using the terms you choose can be looking for information, deals, products or services at the exact time your ad was shown. This means they are more likely to come to your website, convert or make a purchase.

2. Get fast results

Optimizing your site for search engines can take a while to show results. While SEO is important for any business that grows online, Google Ads will get you results faster. As soon as your ad goes live, your business will be shown at the top of search results for the terms you want to bid on. This is one of the benefits of google ads is rated superior to SEO.

3. Separate from Organic SEO

With SEO, there's no guarantee you'll make the first page for certain terms if they're competitive, and even then, it can take a while to show up if you've done everything right. But again, it all depends on the terminology. With PPC, if you have a budget for a specific term, you can be on top.

And for many small businesses, it's impossible to beat the big names in the industry on specific terms. With Google Ads, it's a level playing field that allows you to get to the #1 spot. You can put your ads on top, even if you can't beat your competitors with SEO.

If your budget is limited, you can find key terms to bid on to ensure you get the most results for your money.

4. Target only the people you want

With Search Ads, you simply target the terms your audience will be searching for the most. Instead of targeting extremely vague or broad keywords, you can target the exact words and phrases that people searching for your product or service will use.

You can also show ads at certain times, in certain locations, for certain devices, and more.

If you choose Display ads, you can show those ads where your audience is online.

5. Measure and optimize

Everything you do with google ads is measurable. That means you can easily track and optimize your campaigns. With Google Ads, you can easily see your conversions, costs, clicks, visits and more.

It's simple to see which campaigns are doing well and where your budget is allocated. The real skill comes when optimizing campaigns to ensure top performance.

Data-driven marketing is a must for any business that wants to take digital marketing campaigns seriously, and Google Ads is a data-driven marketing channel. One of the benefits of google advertising compared to traditional marketing methods is that you can easily measure hourly daily without cost per check.

6. Suitable for all budgets

With that said, google ads are suitable for businesses with any budget.

Whether you're looking to spend hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands, you can spend as much as you like.

You can limit spending for your overall account and individual campaigns to make sure you don't exceed your budget.

And since it's all measurable, you can optimize your campaigns so that they generate good ROI. And this means you can spend more in the future where you are getting the best ROI.

7. Defeat your opponent

Google Ads allows you to compete directly with your competitors – if they are advertising for the same terms and in the same places.

If they are indeed advertising, you can learn from your competitors and spot any holes in their marketing.

With competitor analysis and specific tools, you can find the keywords that generate them business and use them for your own profit.

You can look at the ads your competitors use and see how you can improve them.

If you get a higher click-through rate than your competitors, you can improve your quality score and pay less for your clicks – which improves the ROI of your campaigns.

8. Brand Awareness

Target terms related to your industry, product or service to get your brand out there.

If you choose not to target extremely specific terms, targeting broad terms can ensure your brand name gets in front of anyone searching for terms related to your industry. This will help establish your brand as a base, on which they can later choose you.

9. Retargeting

One of the benefits of Google Ads is retargeting. It is especially useful.

Once someone is on your website, you can retarget your ads to those people.

Why would you do this? They are already on your site and are clearly somewhat interested in what you have to offer. But they probably didn't convert or purchase there and then. Why should that end there?

You can follow them on the web with your ad. It's not intrusive, but it helps strengthen your brand and helps remind them to come back to your site and finish what they did before. You can do this on the Google Display Network or through Google Search.

This is important because they've clearly been interested – and if your ad repeats itself in front of their eyes, they're much more likely to come back. You need to act while their needs are still fresh, and your product or service is still what they're thinking of.

Google Ads has many benefits for businesses of all sizes and plays an important role in digital marketing.

Whatever you're looking to achieve, both in digital marketing and overall business growth, there's no doubt that Google Ads can play a vital role in helping you achieve your goals. his spending.

Want to use google ads for your business but don't know where to start? Please contact our Google Ads service immediately JAYbrading:

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