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Facebook is likened by experts to an online mineral mine, and a delicious piece of cake many people will want to eat. And you are in need of advertising on Facebook but don't know where to start? Let JAYbranding help you advertise on Facebook.

The advantages of running facebook ads

1. Spread the brand image

When you only sell products with your personal profile all day, your brand is only tiny in the circle of those friends.

Regardless of the cost or the amount, we only talk about the benefits. Of course, running facebook ads will help More customers can see your brand already.

Trademark The more you appear, the more customers will remember you.

2.Increase customers and revenue

facebook ads

Increase customers and revenue.

Selling on personal facebook is always boring, most customers are acquaintances that they only buy a few times but it is not possible to buy from you all day.

While there are hundreds of sellers like you, they have hundreds of other options besides you.

Then facebook advertising will help you have many new customers and of course when there are many customers, your revenue will also increase.

3. More and more potential customers

Why say more and more potential customers? because if your product/service is good, the customers who know you from facebook ads will recommend your brand to relatives and friends.

For example, A has a computer business, A advertises computer repair services on Facebook. Customers who come from facebook ads using A's service feel good.

After that, there will definitely be a certain customer B who will spread word of mouth to his friends "hey, the day before yesterday I repaired the computer at this place very well, it was cheap, but it was fixed quickly".

Even though they are people they don't have a need for, they are potential customers. Maybe one day their computer has a problem, they will ask the other man B where the computer was repaired the day before.

4.Faster results than doing pure SEO website

Pure website SEO takes a lot of time and requires many other technical skills.

Usually doing SEO will take up to 6 months or 1 year for your website to start having customers.

It's very frustrating, isn't it, for such a long time you don't have enough patience, don't have enough time to wait for the results.

But with Facebook ads, it will give faster results than pure SEO website. But whether that result is good or bad depends on many factors such as your product/service and your advertising skills.

5.Help increase SEO ranking for fanpage

facebook ads

Increase SEO ranking for fanpage.

When you run ads for the fanpage, if the content on the fanpage is good, the product/service is good and receives a lot of customer interaction. Get many shares from customers.

Then of course your fanpage will be easily found by customers on google search and facebook.

6.Easy ad management

Facebook always wants to professionalize and optimize the experience for customers and advertisers.

Those of you who have run ads a few times will know that the facebook ad manager is very professional and detailed.

There are full details of parameters to help you analyze and manage effective advertising campaigns.

facebook ads

The above are the benefits you can see when doing Facebook ads, if you have more questions, please contact JAYbranding right now. At JAYbranding, there is always an experienced team in Facebook advertising who is always ready to help you.

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