Google Chrome: It's Time To Quit This Browser

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We've created the monster that Google Chrome has become. Only we can destroy it.

By: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes March 4, 2021 – 12:20 GMT (20:20 SGT) – Original link
Google Chrome is the most used browser on the Internet. This browser became famous as an alternative to slow, sluggish browsers – Internet Explorer and Safari. But Google Chrome has become the new leader, and as a result has become the slow incumbent in itself.

It became something that we hated. We have created a monster.

It's time to change.

I am not saying this lightly.

Over the past few months, I've been testing browsers, checking things like performance, memory usage, battery usage, and the overall feel of using the browser.

I know that choosing the “best” browser is a personal and potentially controversial matter. It's like asking mom who makes the best apple pie (mine, of course), or whether it's a cat or a dog (cats, because dogs are just some sort of attention-seeking, trashy cat).

The answers are personal. Specifically for personal use cases.

With that said, though, I can still come up with some good reasons to cancel Chrome.

Use of electricity

If your device is battery powered then it's best to use a native browser.

On Windows it's Edge and on Mac and iOS it's Safari. Both have been well-tuned for the platform they're running on and deliver the best possible battery life and thermal performance.

Yes, you can edit and use Chrome to improve things, but better is not the best.

When I switched from Chrome to Safari on my daily driver MacBook Pro, I got over an hour of battery life, which is a very significant increase.

Switching to Safari on my iPhone also got me significantly better battery life, but it was harder to measure because the browser wasn't the main focus of my day on that platform.

For the best possible power and battery performance, use a native browser.

Optimize operating system

One of the great selling points of Google Chrome is that you get a consistent, streamlined experience across all the platforms you're using.

That's certainly fine, but after using Edge and Safari on their respective platforms for a few weeks, I was pleasantly surprised at how cluttered the experience really was compared to the stock browser. .

It's hard to put into words, but Safari on Mac or Edge on Windows is like an extension of the operating system. It's a smoother transition between the operating system and the browser. Going back to Chrome feels clumsy all of a sudden (and this is when I also notice the slowest performance).

There is another choice

Google Chrome is a great tool for Google to collect a lot of data, both to learn how people use the Internet and also things like passwords and payment details to keep us locked in the ecosystem.

While I'm not paranoid about my data, I do enjoy the choice of where my data is stored and how it's used, as well as what companies I choose to work for and to be able to pick and choose from. The most suitable for me, is not what is convenient.

Big exception

And that's Android. Here, Google Chrome is the winner. I played with other browsers on this platform, but Chrome was the one that performed the best. After all, it's the native browser, and as such has been tweaked for the best performance.

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What browser do you use? why do you use it? When was the last time you tried a different browser?


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