Product dependence on Facebook platform, gain and loss

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The 6-hour "power outage" on Facebook yesterday, which FB reported as a DNS error, led to the loss of $ 6 billion of this corporation. So on the side of our small users, what will be the problem, please allow me to analyze a few ideas

1. Reliance on the Facebook content platform is unsustainable. We have seen the rise and fall of Blog 360 Yahoo, the disappearance of MySpace, Yahoo Messenger, MSN messenger… These 3rd platforms always appear and disappear and take the content with us. follow. Therefore, it is necessary to define a strategy for emerging platforms as a surfing channel and maintain the main channel as Website and Domain name.

2. Dependence on Customer Care channel on FB. Users gradually moved away from Facebook, the platform was mostly damaged due to the bad impression of the data scandal as well as the security. Therefore, customers need to focus on multi-channel care such as email, phone, zalo instead of just facebook messenger

3. Reliance on separate advertising from FB. Facebook is clearly doing well in its advertising capacity at the moment, but the price is getting higher and higher because the quantity is not expanding but the bidding value is increasing. Businesses still need to have a variety of budgets on GG channels, Zalo ads, Local Ads, Tiktok ads to avoid being dependent on a single platform. Not to mention that FB forbids tk from blatant advertising, affecting many aspects of the company's management team.

In conclusion, owning the company's content structure and digital products should focus on the strategy of building the main platform and surrounding sales promotion channels. Because obviously, after Facebook, the ability of Tiktok to rise and fall. Sales channel too, today Lazada, tomorrow again Shopee. If we do not maintain a traditional main channel that is the website and the main domain name, the ability to invest in content will be easy to see. Especially when the 3rd platform fails. Currently, businesses should plan a longer strategy instead of relying heavily on FB

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