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Are you trading in the traditional direction and not seeing progress? Are you in need? rent an ad account on Facebook, Google, Tiktok,..? At JAYbranding, we have a very high quality advertising account rental service with good interaction.

First of all, we must know what is "Ad account"?

An advertising account is an account formed on the basis of a personal account. But it does not have a profile and is not granted some of the same interaction permissions as a personal account. This account type is created to manage advertising campaigns.

Ad accounts operate on a separate area from personal accounts. There, it allows you to build, manage, and evaluate ad campaigns. Specifically: account management, providing advertising support tools, building and decentralizing the staff for the campaign, paying for advertising costs and a few other functions.

advertising account rental

Benefits of an ad account for a campaign

Social networking sites always know how to create the most optimal features for users. Ad accounts are no exception to those optimizations. Let's find out what are the benefits they have favored for this type of account.

  • Get the earliest and latest updates on advertising features. Here's the answer to why ad accounts can outperform individual accounts in terms of advertising. While both can create and run equally.
  • Full management tools. Social networking sites provide users with a lot of free tools. Support for measuring and evaluating campaign metrics. From there, it helps users to come up with measures to adjust and improve the weak part of the ad.
  • Tools to support advertising, reach rich customers. They clearly understand the variety of product items and each type has its own characteristics. Therefore, the support tool from there is also calculated to be the most suitable.
  • It is a great choice for businesses when they have the ability to manage human resources, add and remove, and decentralize authority in the management apparatus. You can easily add 25 other people to the account manager.

Things to keep in mind when using an ad account

If building a long-term advertising campaign, it is advisable to include a card as a secondary form of payment. This helps you limit the ad campaign being stopped. Due to the main card expired, the monthly spending limit is reached or blocked. Your supplementary card will then take over as an alternative payment.

Should limit running copyrighted items, related to big brands. Open more sub-ad accounts. To avoid affecting the progress of the campaign.

Be careful when adding employee and admin access. Because when adding employee access, the added audience can only manage the ad account when you allow it. When added as an admin, that person has full rights to the account. Only when you really believe should you give this right.

JAYbranding's advertising account rental service

To avoid unnecessary risks when using advertising accounts, customers should use JAYbranding's advertising account rental service package. We have a team of experienced advertising professionals who are always ready to help. Get in touch with JAYbranding via:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0899991131


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