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SMS advertising has become a form of marketing quite familiar to businesses. With its outstanding advantages, this form has always received favor despite the popularity and development of other marketing tools. JAYbranding provides customers with the best sms advertising service.

What is SMS advertising??

Promotional SMS is a form of marketing by message, allowing businesses to introduce products, services, ... to mobile subscribers of customer groups. The goal of promotional messaging is not only to sell, but also to build brands and increase customer retention!

Benefits of SMS advertising service

With a much lower cost than other marketing channels, advertising by messaging software will help businesses quickly reach tens of thousands of customers in a short time.

Using the service is very simple, with just a short time and a few basic steps, you can initialize and activate sms advertising campaigns.

The effectiveness of this form of advertising is very high. More than 95% text messages are read by a single recipient and approximately 70% response rates for mobile SMS marketing proven by advertisers and the media industry. This means that the information and content that businesses transmit will reach a large number of customers.

SMS advertising

                                                         SMS advertising service

Types of advertising via sms

Currently, there are 2 forms that businesses can apply to send advertising messages: brand name SMS service and sms gateway service.

Advertise with SMS Brandname

This is a fairly familiar form of advertising when messages are sent with a brand name displayed in the sender section instead of a phone number. This form of advertising will help increase brand awareness and easily reach target customers. The cost of messaging service is usually very low, but the effect is extremely large.

Advertise with SMS Gateway

When businesses send sms in this form, the recipient will receive a message with the number displayed in the sender section. Advertising by gateway messaging is especially suitable for small and medium businesses. Allows interaction between sending and receiving between businesses and target customers.

Contents of advertising messages

Advertising messages can be used to convey different information to target customers such as:

  • Information to promote and introduce products and services
  • Promotional information, discounts
  • Message to vote, accumulate points to redeem gifts

Businesses are turning to text messaging because it's a quick, effective and inexpensive way to reach their target audience.

Therefore, in order not to be left behind in the business market, please contact and use our advertising services. JAYbranding we. With a team of experienced in the field of advertising will always bring to customers the quality of service at the best level.
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