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*Clips with fast tempo, fresh colors, modern images  
1. Intro    

Graduation ceremony, hat toss scene

Logo of BUH

(source available)

2. History        Located in Ho Chi Minh City, the economic, financial, scientific and educational center of the country, Ho Chi Minh City Banking University (HUB) is a university Public sector directly under the State Bank of Vietnam was established on December 16, 1976.

Over the past half century, HUB has trained more than 50.000 bachelor, master, doctorate; Many generations of students and graduates from the school are currently working and holding many responsibilities at Party and government agencies, the State Bank, commercial banks, financial institutions, universities. , domestic and foreign enterprises; forming a large and successful BUH alumni community.

A quick shot of Ho Chi Minh City with buildings, banks, stock exchanges, ports, traffic, charts, numbers showing the development of the economy....



Scroll through the working pictures of employees of the Bank, the stock exchange, ....

10s Footage
3. Present          Currently, the HUB has more than 13.000 students are studying at all levels of training from university, master, doctoral with 7 disciplines, 18 training majors; besides short-term professional training courses, foreign language training, computer science.

HUB is also a pioneer school in developing disciplines and training programs to meet human resource needs in the context of international integration and digital transformation.





Blurry display of Faculty VPs at Thu Duc CS (If the Faculty is too bad, just glance at the nameplate)

Display braille by voice:

- University

– Master

- Doctor

- University of Technology while studying

– VB2 University of Science and Technology while studying

- Short-term professional training courses,

- Training foreign languages, informatics.

10s –          Shooting script (shooting angle, ...)

=> Survey to determine rotation angle

4. PV Assoc. Prof. Dr. ……share about digital transformation training orientation Schedule a shoot 30s 08:30 – 09:30
5. Team of teachers As of December 31, 2021, the academic and administrative staff of HUB has reached nearly 500 officials, lecturers and employees, including ………… lecturers with 15 Associate Professors, 93 PhDs… .. Khoa's teachers wear uniforms, meeting at Khoa's office (scenes needing staging)

Classroom scene with foreign teachers (with source)

6. PV Former student (young)

 "At HUB, I was guided and supported by a team of dedicated teachers, …”

Schedule a shoot 20s 16:30 – 17:30
7. PV 1 lecturer trained from abroad shared (Example: Dr. ……., MSc. ……., Dr. …….

1 foreign lecturer

Schedule a shoot 30s 11:30 - 12:30
8. Infrastructure


Support SV

BUH has 02 campuses located in District 1, the commercial and financial center of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, 1 branch in Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Duc with a total area of more than 11 hectares. The school has invested and fully equipped the system of halls, lecture halls, libraries, computer rooms, simulation practice rooms, dormitories, canteens, supermarkets, multi-purpose gymnasiums, stadiums... meet the learning, research, living, sports and entertainment needs of learners. Showing 2 facilities in District 1.

Scenes at Thu Duc facility

Combine drone footage at all 3 facilities

20s Filming day 2: flycam + survey
9. PV 2 Students currently studying:

 “Besides studying, BUH has a lot of team clubs and activities that have made me more dynamic and confident.”

“I always feel lucky to be able to study in a modern environment……”

 One more sentence about the Scholarship

Schedule a shoot 30s 16h30 - 17h30
10. Scientific research Besides teaching, research is considered one of the main activities at the HUB. In recent years, HUB belongs to the group of 50 universities and is one of only two schools in the economic sector with the best international publication (Scpus Data, DTU Research).


Pictures of research, pictures of NCKH . seminars

(with source)

10s x
11. Enterprise-QT cooperation Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City has promoted international cooperation activities, built partnerships with many universities of the US, UK, Finland, Switzerland, Australia and schools in the East region. South Asia. At the same time, the University has established a comprehensive cooperation relationship with many commercial banks, financial institutions, domestic and foreign enterprises, international professional organizations to create favorable conditions for students to practice, internship, practical approach in the learning process and job support after graduation Scenes of signing, cooperation (handshake) in signing ceremonies (with source)

Image of cooperation with domestic and international partners


20s x
12. Partner's Share …… – General Director of Bank …… Vietnam/ 1 Foreign partner school

…….- General Director of Nam A Bank


Schedule a shoot 1 p 14h30 - 15h30
13. Quality verification Interviewing Ms. …… or Mr. ……:


The school has been granted accreditation certificates at home and abroad such as:

– Certificate of Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2015 standard of Afnor Organization of the French Republic

– Certificate of higher education accreditation according to the standards of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam (MOET)

– International accreditation certificate according to the standards set by the Association of Southeast Asian Universities (Asean University Network – Quality Assurance for short AUN-QA) for two training programs: Finance and Banking.

Pictures of medals, ….


20s 10:30 - 11:30
14.   During the past 45 years, BUH has constantly innovated and improved the quality of training, facilities, and lecturers and has been recognized by the Party and State through many noble titles: Labor Medal, Class. First, Independence Medal Second Class


10s x
15. Message from the Chairman/Principal Not only possessing a proud tradition, HUB is the university of the future with strong changes, with a vision to become a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary university in the group of prestigious universities in the East. South Asia.



Teacher …………. share the school's vision and mission to orient the development of the school


1 p 9:30 am - 10:30 am
16. Ending Banking University City. Ho Chi Minh-



“Heightening Unique Brilliance”

         “Enhance talent”


Slogan inscription
5s Check the image of the Slogan sentence to insert it into the clip

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