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's video criteria
Mison Trans
- Creative, not stereotyped
– Both Vietnamese & English Sub videos
– Promotion: + Internal cohesion
+ Provide enthusiastic service
1 Intro Company's logo Logo + slogan + website address 5
2 Purpose of the Video Business philosophy CEO welcomes and shares about Mison Trans's business philosophy; combined with core values 30 Hello and thank you for watching this video of Mison Trans Company!
I'm ………. – Founder and CEO of the Company.
With the business philosophy of helping customers import and export easily, efficiently and safely, Mison Trans has had the opportunity to serve nearly 300 customers with thousands of import and export shipments going to their destination.
So, let's find out how Mison Trans has helped customers, brothers and sisters!
4 Company name, year of establishment Office scenes 15 Mison Trans was established in 2013, taking customer satisfaction as an operational goal, people are the key to opening the door to success, Mison Trans has been providing professional logistics services in Vietnam, with wishes to bring customers the experience of superior logistics services.
6 History of formation and development of the Company Run milestones and certificates 10 In the process of formation and development, Mison Trans has gradually affirmed its prestige, competitiveness, as well as its own position in the international logistics market, let's take a look back at this process.
In 2013: Established Mison Trans
2016: Established Go Vap office
From 2019 to now: joining large domestic and foreign trade organizations and Logistics associations such as VCCI, VLA, HLA, FIATA, JCTRANS
8 Highlighting the word “have agents worldwide with over 160 countries” Use the map, use the point to locate the main Continents and countries 10 Thanks to that, Mison Trans has expanded its international agent network with more than 3000 logistics companies in over 160 countries
10 Services of Mison Trans – Demonstration of Mison Trans's import service process: from warehouse ~> truck/container, customs, air transportation/sea transportation, insurance 25
Customs service time 15
11 – Show the products that Mison Trans has made services 15
12 Human Resources Voice: switch scene from company introduction to human resources Mison Trans HR collective video 5 In order for Mison Trans to help customers, it is indispensable for the company's personnel
13 Personnel qualifications (% university, college), major (%) Scenes of personnel working in the office, advising customers
– % graph with college level or higher
– Specialized % graph of human resources
10 Mison Trans always understands the role of the staff in implementing its philosophy of "helping customers". Mison Trans owns a team of professional and experienced personnel who undergo a thorough screening, selection and training process to always meet the diverse requirements of customers. Specifically, Mison Trans owns 100% professional personnel who graduated from leading universities and colleges in the country with the majors of shipping economics, logistics, import and export - foreign trade.
14 Working environment: Highlighting the cohesion between members in the company Scene 1, including 2 scenes:
– Meeting between CEO and Leader
10 Every Monday morning, the management team of Mison Trans meets to discuss issues that need to be noted for the completed shipments, thereby setting out orientations for better service provision.
- Orientation of import and export service routes as well as expanding international shipping service routes.
Scene 2: An exchange between the Leader and a team member, to deploy the operation of 1 batch of FCL NK goods: give at least 2 options 10
15 Periodic internal training Internal training activities: Workshop 10 Mison Trans confirms that human resource is the core factor and the most valuable asset of the Company. Our development is based on dynamic, passionate and creative human resources. Therefore, we focus on developing human resources through intensive training workshops, intellectual training courses as well as life skills, so that each employee in the company is an excellent representative. Professional image with partners and customers.
16 Honoring Mison Trans personnel Awards and decisions 10 At Mison Trans, excellent individuals and groups are recognized and honored at the right time and with the right capacity according to the Company's evaluation processes, thereby creating motivation for Mison Trans staff to take care of customers. more attentive every day
17 HR Interview Highlight ideas:
- Provide service with enthusiasm
- The spirit of helping customers as much as possible
30 One of the reasons for me to stick with Mison Trans is that the company always focuses on taking care of employees' lives. Here, I am free to show my ability and moreover to be recognized for my own dedication and efforts.
In addition, Mison Trans always facilitates the training and career development of employees. Here I was trained in professional knowledge, skills and related skills
I always cherish the opportunity to work at Mison Trans. Therefore, I will try my best to apply my available knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to contribute to the development of Mison Trans and bring customers the best service experience when coming to Mison Trans. .
19 Technology Using technology to serve customers better Footage of employees using professional software: Bitrix24 10 Operating in the digital age, Mison Trans always updates and improves the software to use in the working process. (Explaining more Docs screen shot)
20 Customer's Notes What did Mison Trans do for customers Video: Customer reviews Mison Trans service 20
Or record customer acknowledgment letters, thank you letters 10 Interpretation of acknowledgment letters
Customer's Logo 10
Value: Social Responsibility Voice: read a summary of 2 volunteer activities with VLA Letter of Thanks VLA 10
21 Orientation of Mison Trans The company's goals and preparation in the near future CEO shares about Mison Trans's direction, combined with vision 20 From the trust, cooperation and support from customers, along with the vision of Mison Trans as an international logistics - supply chain center, we set a goal that by 2025, we will have an office in North and Central Vietnam; By 2040, we will have offices in some countries that are Mison Trans' main markets in Asia, Europe and America, so that Mison Trans can help more and more customers and bring more value. more for customers.
22 Conclude Calling customers to use services of Mison Trans 10
Total Time (Seconds) 300.00
Total Time (Minutes) 5.00

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