Vietnamese Internet Business Video Template Scenario

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1PreambleLogo, slogan, company name5
2IntroduceEstablishment, business field15Vietnam Internet Technology Joint Stock Company was established in 2021, the main business activity is to help major commercial platforms promote online products, daily household appliances, and electrical appliances. electronics, sports toys, clothing and other products.....
3HR INTERNET VIETNAM15INTERNET VIET has a professional design and development team, constantly developing network infrastructure, upgrading service quality and selectively cooperating with domestic manufacturers. Along with the perfect logistics system to ensure product quality and committed completion time.
4Infrastructure30– The company office has an area of 6500m2, a modern and 3,500m2 storage system, modernly built to serve customers quickly and efficiently, customers do not need to spend too much time to buy goods. Instead, customers have a variety of online choices, saving time and costs while ensuring product quality.
– The company has achieved ISO19001, ISO24000, ISO45001, other management system certifications and advanced AA certification for customs management.
– NTERNET VIET has repeatedly been rated as the top excellent enterprise in the country.
– Currently, INTERNET VIET has been a partner of more than 76 brands of domestic and foreign companies such as: Dien May Xanh, Dien May Cho Lon, Bach Hoa Xanh, Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, Sendo, Amazon... and received more than 68 certificates. compliments from units and organizations.
5Policies to encourage human resource development at INTERNET VIETNAM30– INTERNET VIET applies human management, introduces a variety of methods to encourage and enable employees to plan their careers in a working atmosphere of harmony, gratitude and innovation.
– From training human resources from the root, guidance and apprenticeship practice to development. In order to become the largest training facility for interns, we establish a partnership between vocational schools, colleges, universities, and businesses, and are also awarded the certificate of educational innovation practice. graduate: international e-commerce program awarded by International University.
6For society10In addition to being responsible for customers, INTERNET VIET employees are always ready to perform social responsibility, so in early 2022 we established a charity fund and implemented it practically to spread love in our activities. contributions to society.
7ConcludeVision, mission, future strategy15In the coming time, INTERNET VIET will continue to maintain the typical corporate culture, openness, efforts to develop, keep promises, bravely innovate, go beyond ourselves to advance in the market to serve customers. products and improve the value of the company in the market. fierce competition.

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