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The concept of model can have many meanings depending on the specific field. In some cases, a model is understood as an object, a standard, or a blueprint that describes or represents a system or process.


In the field of software development, a model is often understood as an abstract representation of an application, making it easier to design and implement software. In the field of fashion and media, a model is a model that shows products, fashion or displays products in the media.


In this article, we will only talk about the meaning of model according to the field of fashion and media. You will know more information about this model profession.

What is Modeling?

Modeling profession is a profession that deals with fashion shows or product advertising. The selected person must have good looks, confidence on stage or in front of the camera, and the ability to transform quickly to suit each client's or designer's requirements.


Their work may include photography, catwalks, fashion shows or direct product advertising in the media. This is also a job that many girls dream of, having a life around beautiful clothes, striding on the catwalk with the most luxurious aura or on the cover, advertising image.

Do you know what a Model does every day?

Daily work will depend on the field in which they are working. However, the operations can be repeated, mostly will be

1. Prepare

They often have to prepare for photo shoots and other events by doing exercises, eating and taking care of their health to stay fit and in perfect shape. 

2. Take pictures

Take part in photo sessions with designers, photographers and film crews. They have to transform and do a lot of makeup to show the product in the best way.

3. Join a fashion show

Model participates in fashion shows to show designers and consumers fashion products. Requires agility and captures the spirit of the collection.

4. Going to casting

Models often have to attend casting sessions to audition for brand advertising or fashion shows. This is also one of the most noticeable steps, the girls always show their best to be able to become models in the show, especially the big fashion shows.

5. Advertising work

Models often have to participate in TV and print commercials. This job requires acting that matches the brand's message.

6. Contract and negotiation with the management company

Models, if not freelancing, often have a contract with the management company and must negotiate to help their work be carried out fully and effectively.

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The hidden corner behind the halo of the catwalk

Besides the benefits of popularity, income and the ability to express yourself on stage or in the media, modeling also has certain hidden corners. Some of them include:

1. Pressure on appearance

In order to maintain their position in the fashion industry and keep the perfect look, girls often face pressure to lose weight, diet and exercise harshly.

2. Fierce competition

The fashion industry is a highly competitive industry, so in order to have a chance to work, models must compete with other colleagues.

3. Long working hours

Working in strong light environment and lasting for many hours in a row. In particular, when it comes to fashion season, the shows often take place continuously, putting pressure on the model's health and fitness.

4. Health risks

In addition to having to endure the pressure of losing weight, exercising heavily, and having to comply with food regulations, the model also faces the risk of accidents, injuries and illnesses.

5. Many jobs don't pay

Some of the work the model is asked to do, like taking part in photo shoots or charity events, goes unpaid. This reduces the model's income and may cause them to work more to make ends meet.

6. The possibility of losing a job quickly

If the appearance doesn't match the client's requirements or doesn't meet the expectations, they can be dismissed or lose their job quickly. This is especially true for models just starting out in their careers.

7. Violence and harassment

Cases of violence and harassment in the fashion industry are not uncommon. Models often face these situations during work, especially when working with unreliable people.



With the above information, you must have understood part of the modeling profession. Despite appearing in many places, working with famous brands and designers, behind them are still the efforts and trade-offs of themselves to find their dream job.

The girls who are in the process of learning or making models, you guys are great. Be strong and try to change to become more and more perfect, but please pay attention to your health. Good luck.

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