What is Elementor and Why you have to use it with Wordpress?

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If you have been making a WordPress Website for a while, I'm sure you will be prompted about the WordPress page builder or Page Builder.

Simply put, it is a technology that helps you create pages with just drag and drop.

Although there are many Page Builders in the WordPress space, the most prominent one is definitely Elementor.

However, perhaps now you do not have too many clues about it and the question of what Elementor is has always haunted you. You feel uncomfortable and need full information about it, right?

Okay, maybe you've come to the right place.

I'm a longtime Elementor fan, everyone called me an expert on it as a Freelancer before I decided "retire" to build this Blog.

So, if you need a comprehensive understanding of Elementor, in this article I will provide you with everything you need most. Perhaps then you will find some good reasons to use Elementor for your WordPress.

Elementor is a popular WordPress page builder plugin that makes it easy to create beautiful WordPress pages with simple drag and drop.

In other words, when using Elementor in Web design, you won't need to mention the concept of coding.

It is because of this simplicity and convenience that it is now one of the most installed plugins on WordPress with more than 5 million users.


How does Elementor work?

Basically Elementor is a WordPress plugin so it is essential for it to work you need to install and activate it on the WordPress admin interface.

Next, since it was developed with the purpose of creating pages in mind, you need to go to the pages editor interface to start the elementor page builder.

(Actually it also works on the post editor but I recommend touching it)


Unlike the old fashioned page builders that just show the blocks for you to design and need to switch the interface to see the actual results.

Instead Elementor leads you directly to the front-end design interface or user interface. So, what you see in the design is also what the user sees when accessing.

Your hardest task is just drag the widgets from the drop-down toolbar to the design screen then edit as you like.

Overall, it's very easy to use even if you've never learned Web programming.

What are the benefits of using Elementor for Website?

Although some WordPress themes are made to fit your purpose. However, it does not provide professional page creation features other than you inserting text on a default page.

For some of you who have higher needs such as making an about page, contact page or home page, and most importantly, a sales landing page, etc. Now you need the help of a page builder.

Of course, not every page builder is good, a lot of them are quite cumbersome and the design interface is not intuitive. So it will be very difficult if you have no experience.

However, with Elementor, its visual designer will help you implement ideas quickly, easily and much more efficiently.

So you don't need to spend millions of dong for design services to do it for you.

Is it difficult to use Elementor?

As mentioned Elementor allows you to build designs by drag and drop. So I'm sure it's not difficult in terms of manipulation. You only need a few hours or at most 1 day to control everything.

However, the problem of beautiful design is different.

No one can learn Elementor 1-2 days and design beautifully like a pro. At least you need to spend time tinkering, learning and learning copy-design skills.

But if you are not very familiar, you can use the designs available from the library before you can afford to do everything yourself.

What makes Elementor stand out?

Although only launched in mid-2016 so far, Elementor has already attracted the attention of a wide range of WordPress users from newbies to leading Web experts.

It is not simply that they achieve this, the reason lies in the outstanding features that Elementor offers.

So now let's explore the outstanding features that make this brand famous.

#1. Well optimized code, high performance

Before the advent of Elementor, there was a plugin on the market called Visual Composer (now called WPbakery page builder) that was supposed to get started in drag-and-drop page building.

However, it is quite heavy and the core files are not really optimized, making performance heavy and causing a poor experience for users and visitors.

But when Elementor came out it changed the game by creating a revolutionary Page Builder.

Specifically, its core file is optimized by experts at the lightest level but still provides most of the necessary features. This makes Websites running Elementor faster and smoother.

This is a test result I used Elementor + combined with Theme GeneratePress:


Even if you don't know anything about page speed, the blue signals are enough to make you impressed, right?

#2. Create SEO-friendly designs

Although this term has become the default standard in WordPress, if you are still concerned about SEO standards in Web design, there is no need to worry when using Elementor.

It is developed by experts to respond well to Google algorithms from experience, loading speed or mobile friendliness. It even outperforms some free WordPress themes.

That's why dozens of pages built with Elementor still stand at the top of search results.

#3. Easy to use

Not simply, any of my readers are recommended to install elementor on their Website instead of a paid product like Avada's Fusion or Beaver Builder.

The main reason lies in the ease of use of Elementor, so you can quickly jump into Web design concepts without knowing the technique.

Moreover, those of you who are not very technical will often get frustrated when doing something too difficult. So the enjoyment of Elementor will not make you feel bored and give up on implementing design ideas.

In fact, whoever you are, I believe it is suitable for you, as long as you are not too lazy to learn & play around.

#4. Many pre-built templates


For those of you who are new or want to save time designing, elementor offers you some eye-catching ready-made templates by professionals. So you just need to choose a page or block you feel most like to apply.

This number of models even expands to hundreds if using their Pro version. But at the basic level, and dozens of templates are more than enough for you to use.

#5. In-depth customization

Elementor is favored by many Web designers on their projects because of the amount of in-depth customization to every nook and cranny of a design element.

With each Widget, the number of customizations will vary based on the features it brings.

It seems that you can do all sorts of customizations with Website elements without spending time adding code.


#6. Inline text editing

With some other page builders, to add text to an area the main inconvenience is that you need to click and fill in a specified cell.

However, with Elementor, it allows text to be filled right at the display position, which makes your design experience smoother and the results are immediately visible.


#7. Manage display on multiple devices

Although the designs themselves created from Elementor are already mobile-friendly. If you don't believe it, you can preview how it will look using the size options area.

And if you need to edit it also allows you to change the size, position, color, etc.

In addition, some element customizations will have icons for devices corresponding to the size you are viewing. So you can change if you need to increase the experience.


In addition, it also allows you to hide elements differently across devices.


#8. Arrange widgets as layers

Even if you are a professional Web designer, you can get confused if the page contains too many elements.

That's why I highly recommend Elementor with its layer-like navigational design feature.


Thanks to it, you can easily find the position you need to edit or arrange design elements, copy, delete, move, ...

In addition, this feature also allows you to hide completed or unused content to make room for the design.

#9. Ability to undo and time save design history

Everyone makes mistakes and in design I am sure this is no exception. So when using Page Builder you should also focus on the feature that allows you to undo previous designs.

Fortunately, Elementor also understands this pain of users.

Specifically, it allows easy undo, even saving a rather long design history. So no matter how far you go wrong, you can turn back quickly.


Up to this point, I confirm that no page builder has had such a long stay. I saw a design a few months ago that I still keep for use when needed.

#10. Don't leave shortcodes if you deactivate

Similar to Theme, sometimes you will get bored with one Page Builder and switch to another.

Usually Page builder publishers are very clever, they retain users by controlling with shortcodes, these are long lines of code that represent design elements.

Normally you won't see them, but when activated or deactivated they will show up as they are.


And it may take time for you to clean up before using the new page builder.

Although I don't expect you to leave Elementor for another Page Builder, if you do, you don't have to worry about shortcode issues. It will automatically disappear and leave the text and images of the page you designed.

#11. Save templates and reuse

Each designer usually has a style of their own and it is often repeated many times on the pages. Or it also applies to some designs such as price lists, calls to action, etc.

Usually you will need to redesign from scratch what has been done before.

Quite time consuming, right?

That's why Elementor allows you to save the designed templates and reuse it, when needed you just need to go to the storage library to retrieve it quickly.

#12. Good compatibility

When using plugins, a lot of you worry about compatibility because they can ruin your layout.

However, I am sure of one thing, elementor never has a conflict problem on WordPress. Except you install multiple page builders at once.

Plus, Elementor is compatible with most WordPress themes, so your designs will look a lot more seamless.

How much does Elementor cost?

When it comes to “Elementor plugin” it means everything is completely free, you can freely download it directly from the WordPress Directory.

It also allows you to update dynamically in the WordPress admin interface.

However, in this version you will be limited to some features such as the number of design elements, demo library, support.

But considering the need to create a beautiful landing page, it completely satisfies you. But if you want to explore more technology for your Website, perhaps the following section will be for you.

What is Elementor Pro?

Okay, now you are in front of a giant of the WordPress industry. I prefer to call it “the fear of Web design services”.

That is Elementor Pro.

It is said to be an upgrade of the free version by adding dozens of design widgets and expanding the layout library. So you will have more space in implementing your design ideas for a quality page.

And most importantly, I like this plugin's theme builder more than anything. With the theme builder you not only have the concept of creating a page, you can now create a WordPress theme.

You don't get it wrong, a complete theme with homepages, Blog pages, archive pages, and even 404 pages…

That's why so many of my readers decide to use Elementor Pro as an alternative to a flexible theme and a high-quality page builder plugin.

It also has a pop-up generator to generate pop-ups for advertising or collecting user emails.

When to upgrade to Elementor Pro?

I do not always force you to upgrade Elementor to Pro version, although $49 is not too big for many of you who are making Websites. However, I think you save and for more legitimate purposes.


For those of you who are new to making Websites and Blogs, just focusing on the free version is more than enough. Using it to create a beautiful sales page is no problem.

But for those of you who have been developing Web for a long time and feel the need to refresh the interface and upgrade features, you can think of Elementor Pro.

It will make it easy for you to create any design you like, build a theme in your own style, and its pop-up builder will dramatically increase conversion rates.

Some of Elementor's Addons

Due to the popularity and power of Elementor, quite a few developers rely on it to create addons that add extra utility. Therefore, if you do not need the theme builder of the Pro version, you can refer to the addons that will be more suitable for you:

  • Essential Addons for Elementor
  • JetElements Addon for Elementor
  • Crocoblock – JetPlugins Elementor Extension
  • Ultimate Addons for Elementor
  • Element Pack
  • Templately 


Hopefully, through this article, you already know what Elementor is and understand the features it brings to a WordPress Website.

In the last few years, the number of Page Builder is increasing in popularity and people tend to integrate it in creating landing pages.

That's why I think using Elementor for your Website is a wise decision. You can initially use the free version for the usual basic needs, if you need more features you can expand to the Pro version.

Elementor Pro will give you dozens of features for landing page development, theme creation, and pop-ups.

You can also learn about Elementor addons if you don't want to use its Pro version. Or you can refer to Elementor's competitor, Divi.

See our Elementor vs Divi comparison to get the best decision.

Do you have any other comments or questions about Elementor? Let me know in the comment section below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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