Live video recording studio for rent in Ho Chi Minh City

studio livestream setup

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We offer Livestream studio services on both YouTube and Facebook at attractive package prices. With a combination of the best picture and sound quality, we guarantee that your audience will get the best experience when watching your videos live.

studio livestream setup

We understand that the Livestream studio is one of the important media to introduce your products, services or brand to potential customers. Therefore, we are committed to bringing you the most professional Livestream service to help you reach a wider audience.

We have a team of professional and experienced staff in setting up and running Livestream sessions. We always use the most modern equipment and technology to ensure the best sound and picture quality for our customers.

Full service studio livestream

We provide service packages tailored to the needs of our customers, including:

  • 1-camera package: includes setting up and controlling a Livestream on a single channel (YouTube or Facebook) with one camera. This is a service package suitable for seminars, product introductions, or sharing specialized knowledge.
  • 2-camera package: includes setting up and controlling Livestream on both YouTube and Facebook at the same time with two cameras. This is a package suitable for big events, like concerts, awards or grand openings.

In addition, we also have other service packages such as:

  • Filming package: includes filming and video editing to create a high-quality video product.
  • Consulting package: we provide detailed instructions on how to set up and operate Livestream to help customers be more confident during Livestream.

With our service packages, customers will enjoy the following incentives:

  • Professional and experienced staff.
  • 24/7 support and advice to answer questions.
  • Best picture and sound quality.

Contact us for advice and schedule a Livestream today! We are committed to bringing you the best Livestream service and the most reasonable price.

Price list of livestream studio for reference

The price of 1 camera livestream service includes:

1 channel livestream system, 1 camera package includes:
– 01 dedicated camera full HD
– 01 set of livestreams
– 01 image mixing system
– 01 Laptop or CPU for video playback/mixing
– 02 softbox lights
- 02 lapel microphones
– 01 audio mixer
– Technical transportation – installation (inner city of HCMC)
– Free 4G transmission
*Maximum live time: 1h30
17,500,000VAT 10%7,500,000
Discount 10%
Valid until the end of July 15, 2021
1 PACKAGE-750,000VAT 10%-750,000

The price of live streaming service with 2 cameras includes:

  • 2 HD standard cameras
  • Standard studio for livestream
  • Audio equipment according to the number of guests
  • Livestream output table
  • Live service or edit live video later
  • Premier
1-channel livestream system, 2-camera package includes:
- 02 dedicated full HD cameras
– 01 set of livestreams
– 01 Laptop or CPU
– 02 softbox lights
- 02 lapel microphones
– 01 image mixer
– 01 audio mixer
– Technical support for running text, inserting company logo, inserting intro video (no more than 120 minutes)
114,000,000VAT 10%14,000,000
Save full HD livetstream files
11,100,000VAT 10%1,100,000

In addition, we provide additional services such as increasing interactive livestream eyes with preferential prices as follows:


PackagePriceBeginAverage speed
30-minute package800 VND1-5p1-2p/100 eyes
60-minute packageVND 14001-5p1-2p/100 eyes
90-minute package2000 VND1-5p1-2p/100 eyes
Package 120 minutes2600 VND1-5p1-2p/100 eyes


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