Factory Filming and Photography service

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What if factory filming?

In order to help customer partners better understand the scale and stature of the factory or industrial park. Taking photos of factories often helps businesses show their factory release images through the use of professional photography equipment such as drones, professional cameras, and professional lights. These images will be carefully post-processed and uploaded to the company website as well as the factory's capacity profile.

Factory and industrial park photography service helps customers clearly show the scale and stature of factories, companies and enterprises in industrial parks. Photography or videography also requires some complex technical expertise. Let's join JAYbranding, the unit that performs factory photography, to suggest some notes in the process of taking photos of factories.

We provide filming services and produce video clips for factories to assist our customers in creating video clips about the production process for presentations to partners and clients. See details here: Filming factory service

1. Site survey.

The factory needs to survey the location before filming. This survey process helps businesses plan as well as put in a detailed plan of shooting angles or the amount of work needed for the main photo shoot. The process of surveying and ideating for factory photography usually takes about 1 day and may not be the main process of the photography agency, it is possible to be offered a survey package by the photography agency to get the right budget. and details.

2. Make a Photography Plan.

Usually professional agencies like JAYbranding will help you with this. The plan will propose in detail the shooting angles, time and location of shooting as well as the proposed cost for the business. Usually this step will be recommended after completing the survey of the business.

3. Arrange and clean plant and equipment before shooting

In the factory, it is necessary to ensure that the machines and equipment as well as the staff's uniforms are clean and tidy. Due to the reason that in the process of taking photos, there may be post-production, but it will take effort and time for both parties

4. Photo date

Taking pictures with drones, taking pictures with lights or taking photos in outdoor conditions are often popular pictures in photography.

Factory photography price list

The cost of taking photos of the factory will depend mainly on the size and size of the factory because the drones have to focus on choosing a wide angle, which will take time to prepare.

In addition, the large area as well as the complicated process will also take time to describe through images

Reference price list of factory photography
Reference price list of factory photography

Usually, to save costs, businesses will often combine photography and videography rather than simply shooting.

See more: factory video recording

Reference pictures of factory photography

Choose the right factory photography unit

JAYbranding is a media unit providing professional factory photography services. The factories the company operates throughout Vietnam such as factories in Binh Duong, Long An, Can Tho, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hanoi, Hai Phong. We offer a full service package including professional factory photography and video recording services

JAYbranding's factory photography projects

Typical projects


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