GenZ trend turns photos into paintings on tiktok

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The trend of turning photos into paintings on TikTok is one of the most popular trends on this platform in recent times. Videos with hashtags #drawingchallenge, #pencildrawing, #digitalart have attracted millions of views and interactions from the worldwide TikTok community. Paintings created from ordinary photos will be transformed into creative and unique works of art. This article will introduce in detail about the trend of turning photos into paintings on TikTok.

How to create unique paintings on TikTok

To create paintings on TikTok, users can use photo editing and drawing applications such as Procreate or Adobe Illustrator to transform photos into paintings. They can then upload a video showing the process of transforming photos into paintings on TikTok, and add sound effects, subtitles or filters to make the video more vivid and attractive.

Unique and creative paintings

On TikTok, there are many videos about the creative and unique movement of turning photos into paintings. Some videos are created using unique color effects, making paintings more vivid and eye-catching. In addition, some other videos also use special drawing and editing tools to create unique and beautiful paintings.

The impact of the trend of turning photos into paintings on TikTok

The trend of turning photos into paintings on TikTok not only allows users to transform ordinary photos into beautiful works of art, but also helps the TikTok community to have more attractive and creative videos. .

In addition, another advantage of this movement is to help users practice and develop their artistic abilities. Thanks to the convenience of photo-to-painting applications, users can easily create unique and creative works of art, thereby hone their painting skills and experience.

Negative things

However, the movement to convert photos into paintings also sometimes causes some controversy and concern. One of those concerns is the violation of intellectual property rights. Many people believe that the use of photo-to-painting applications is a violation of the intellectual property rights of artists and designers, because users use photos that have been designed by others to create images. painting works.

In addition, some argue that this trend devalues art and damages professional painters. However, this can be assessed differently depending on the point of view and perspective of each person.

In short, the trend of turning photos into paintings on TikTok is a popular trend today, giving users interesting experiences and helping to hone their artistic abilities. However, like any other trend, it also has its own advantages and disadvantages. The use of photo-to-painting apps can detract from the value of art, however, it can also be seen as a way to promote and develop the user's artistic abilities.

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