Download: 20 beautiful, unique, free html web design html templates.

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HTML5 is the latest version of HTML. HTML has changed since the internet started and with the latest technology it is changing the way of thinking and browsing on the internet and entering a new era.

Download: 25 beautiful, unique, free html web design html templates.

HTML5 can be used for different purposes but the most important use is in the templates that we will discuss in this article.

Whether it's HTML5 or CSS3, both are standard languages used in web design. Some web design companies have a lot of projects and don't have time to design and prototype their website. We present some great HTML5 templates for you that are completely free to download and can be used in your design projects.

Web Design Template 1 (Download)

Download web design template 01

This is a pixel perfect design template using HTML5 and CSS3. It is great for use for creative websites. Pole is already free and you can download it to use in your design project or for your client project.

Web Design Template 2 (Download)

Download web design template 02

This is a smooth modern UI kit that can be used for Blog, Magazine sites. There are many features included in this template and can be easily edited. It fully supports responsive web design using HTML5 and CSS3 technologies and is designed to be perfect for websites and mobile applications.

3. Web Design Templates 3 ( Download ).

Download web design template 03

This is a corporate web design template for quite creative agencies. It has customization options that you can easily manage according to your needs. It is a responsive web design template and can be used in all websites. It has a fancy style but, can be changed on its own if you have a little web knowledge.

4. Web Design Templates 4 (Download)

Download web design template 04

This template is made for online shopping sites, e-commerce sites or mobile sales sites. Supports responsive technology (responsive web design) and can be customized according to your needs. Both HTML5 and CSS3 technologies are used to design this e-commerce website.

5. Web Design Templates 5 (Download).

Download web design template 05

This web template is designed for pet stores and can be edited and used for stores in your favorite style. This web template supports several sections and images displayed on the website and provides a suitable space where you can easily put your content about pets.

6. Web Design Templates 6 (Download)

Download web design template 06

This is a template for shopping websites it has a unique and eye-catching design with a beautiful background that most of the customers want to have in their website. It can be easily customized according to what is needed for the website or modified into a template hotel web design if you are sophisticated in layout and are doing design work. Download now?

7. Web Design Templates 7 (Download)

Download web design template 07

Minima HTML5 is an ideal template for use in portfolios and personal websites. It is designed with the right attention to detail that will be used in website design. This template is hand coded, well organized and made with HTML5 and CSS3 code. Color coordination and style are perfectly designed to give the best experience.

8. Web Design Template 08 (Download)

Download web design template 08

Music created for entertainment purposes by websites, this template can be used for restaurant web design. Full support form responsive web design and perfect and suitable for your design needs. This template also has multiple subpages with lots of customization features and uses HTML5 and CSS3 web technologies. You can download it in PSD file format.

9. Web Design Template 09 (Download)

Download web design template 09

Sample Professional website design This can be used in the product display website offers. It can also be used in websites that sell mobile apps. The style is sleek but can be changed as needed. The attractive and stylish way to use the wallpaper completely pleases you.

10. Web Design Templates 10 (Download)

Download web design template 10

This is a website template that you can use to display your products on your website. It has a unique web design and layout that is perfect for use as a website selling products. The large photo space and content areas are properly organized to give proper presentation of the products.

11. Web Design Template 11 (Download)

Download web design template 11

With IOS7 style this is a perfect template to showcase or start an iOS or Android mobile app. You can market your product in a very attractive way with the use of this template. This template also has a slider that shows the screen of the apps you are offering.

12. Web Design Templates 12 (Download)

Download the 12 web design template

This is a very trendy template website to showcase your products and services in a suitable and attractive organization, you can use it for your needs. Sales website design your. The model comes in three different color options including; Green, blue and orange with many features and options can be changed and modified.

Web Design Templates 13 (Download)

Download web design template 13

This is a great template with everything in it and you can also change the colors and theme elements. It includes two customizable layouts and is very easy to install. Full Width Page, Left Sidebar Page and Contact Page are already included in the theme. You can use it for any business or personal website.

Web Design Template 14 (Download)

Download web design template 14

Is a template suitable for use in wedding websites but you can adapt it to a template website design That's good. It comes with four pages which include Blog, category and you can also add map and contact details in it. It is very light and compatible with three versions web, smartphone and mobile.

Web Design Template 15 (Download)

Download 15 web design template

This set of templates is a very unique and simple set of user interfaces. The theme focuses on simplicity and so you can easily manage the basic design principles. With this Kit, you can design an interactive and responsive web system, use it to display effects in a template. travel web design or web sales are great. This is an "extreme" Kit that you should not ignore and use for your design projects.

Web Design Templates 16 (Download)

Download 16 . web design template

As a template for a website with a cloud storage service, it has different features and especially the way the price list is displayed. After choosing your hosting plan, you will receive a price list. It can also display through the mobile phone perfectly.

Web Design Template 17 (Download)

Download web design template 17

This template can be used to start a website for online resources where people share with each other including, icons, images, icons, fonts... are provided for download. Free or purchase. This is a perfect business website design template.

Web Design Templates 18 (Download)

Download the 18 . web design template

This is a free website with PSD file designed to be used for a corporate web design or can also be used for an image blog. It is very important for businesses to have a good responsive website that the content and image layout is reasonable.

Web Design Template 19 (Download)

Download the 19 web design template

This template can be used by agricultural farms, agricultural product manufacturers or can create a website design template if you know how to layout images and content for the website.

Web Design Templates 20 (Download)

Download the 20 web design template

Here is a sample travel web design beautiful and unique that you can use when starting a travel agency, tourist attraction or travel related information. Plug-in lightbox effect used for subsites and perfect support for di oddojng devices are strong points of this template.

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