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Product advertising photos are made with a lot of enthusiasm from the production team, planner, business and model. So how should we use product advertising photos properly? Let's read this article to understand better.

Use effective product advertising photos

1. Use images in social media or blog posts to promote your products. 

Using product advertising images in social media or blog posts is a very effective way. By using images, you can attract users' attention and convey your message more easily. Images with entertaining content also help increase user interaction with your posts

product advertising photos

2. Use product images in email marketing to promote products to potential customers.

Product advertising images will help customers visualize more clearly, convincing customers to buy your product quickly. Feature products that are easy to remember and brand, motivating customers to open emails and go to the product page on your website to see product details.

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3. Use images in ads that appear on other websites to promote your brand to a large number of potential customers.

Using images in ads on other websites is a smart way to promote your brand to a large number of potential customers. Using images can help your products stand out, attract customer attention, and make an impression on potential customers.

4. Use animations such as GIFs or videos to promote products and attract user attention.

Videos or GIFs help create visual impact and differentiate from other products, showcase your product creatively, help describe your product and demonstrate its features and benefits Products. Videos or GIFs are often shared more than still images, helping to promote your products to a large number of potential customers.

5. Create image galleries on your website to showcase your products.

Creating image galleries on your website is a great way to showcase your products to customers. There are different types of image galleries, like carousel galleries, simple galleries, drop-down menus, and grid galleries.

product advertising photos

6. Use high-quality images in posts and product descriptions on e-commerce sites.

Use high-quality images, providing multiple images of your product in different angles and from different angles helps customers better understand your product and make the correct purchasing decision .. Make sure your images are high resolution and taken at a good angle and lighting.

7. Use product images on printed copies, such as flyers, brochures, or advertising banners to promote your products to customers.

This is a traditional approach to communication, however it can be very effective if done properly. SUse high resolution images to ensure image quality. The article title needs to match the product image to attract readers' attention. This helps create interaction between the image and the article title.

8. Use quality photo products to create promotional videos and promote on social media like Instagram or Snapchat.

Use high-resolution product photos to create high-quality videos. Can create videos that are creative, humorous or with a strong tone, suitable for the message to be conveyed. Channels like Instagram or Snapchat are popular and widely used, customers can easily find, follow and interact with your products

9. Use images on your website to introduce products and build trust with customers.

Using images on your website is a great way to showcase your products and build trust with customers. Make sure to use high-quality and realistic images so customers better understand your products and feel more confident in your products

product advertising photos

10. Create a unique photo style for your products to attract customers' attention.

Create a photo style that reflects the product's characteristics and reaches the customer's recognition point. Make sure your photo style matches your product's core values to increase customer connection and trust with your brand.

11 Use product images to showcase special features and product differences to make your product unique and attract customers' attention.

To explain product features and differences clearly, use captions and complete and detailed descriptions of the features and differences. Create unique and attractive images to stand out from competitors' products.

Handbook when using product advertising photos

  1. Copyright: Be sure to use images that do not violate the copyright of any partner or third party, ensure all images have been purchased or used legally.
  2. Display product advertising photos properly: Choose realistic and beautiful images that represent your products and ensure unique, clear and accurate product descriptions.
  3. Image quality: Images should be taken in high resolution and without blur or blur.
  4. Upload images properly: Make sure to upload images properly and in the right size and format to ensure the best customer experience.
  5. Show the product in the right setting: Design images so that the product is shown in a setting that matches the brand and consumer preferences.
  6. Keep brand signatures and logos: To ensure product advertising is developed effectively, keep brand signatures and logos on advertising images.


In short, using product advertising images is an effective way to introduce your products to potential customers. However, make sure image usage is consistent with your brand and meets the service provider's rules and regulations to avoid violations and restrictions. 

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