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Website Design

Top 5+ outstanding auto click software

Phần mềm auto click là một chương trình hoạt động như một công cụ tự động hóa để tạo ra các nhấp chuột tự động hoặc hành động tương tự khác trên các ứng dụng hoặc trang web. Nó được sử dụng để giảm thiểu sự căng thẳng trên các

What is Domain Authority?

What is Domain Authority and How to Boost DA?

What is Domain Authority – To better understand Domain Authority (DA), this is an metric developed by Moz based on various factors to predict a website's ability to rank on Google's search results page. tools

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Famous companies and websites use WordPress as CMS

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world and is used by millions of websites. This is due to the simplicity, ease of use and flexibility of WordPress, allowing users to create quality websites

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What is POP3 – IMAP – SMTP?

1. What is POP3 and what is POP3 port? POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3) is used to connect to an email server and download email to a personal computer through an email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Mac Mail, etc. When using the Email Client services will

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Steps to plan a business website

Plan or build a business website for small and medium companies through the following steps: Register a domain name This is the first step in the process of creating a website, the domain name will still be associated with business email later . Therefore,

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How to speed up WordPress improve website speed

To increase the performance of wordpress, when deploying a website on the system, business owners and shop owners need to make the most of the system's cache function to help optimize the speed of the website. We can see the speed

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What is Elementor and Why you have to use it with Wordpress?

If you have been making a WordPress Website for a while, I'm sure you will be prompted about the WordPress page builder or Page Builder. Simply put, it is a technology that helps you create pages with just drag and drop. Although in the WordPress space


What is wireframe? How to set up an efficient Wireframe?

What is wireframe? Wireframe is an important tool in the product design and development process. In the process of product creation, it is considered a "language" expressed through design drawings that helps developers, product managers and designers to

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Steps of a professional website design process

There are many different processes for designing a professional website. However, based on the experience of standard SEO website design, professional website design for large and small partners, domestic and foreign, JAYbranding has summarized the website design process with 6 common steps.

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Website Design

7 criteria to choose a website design company

Using a website has now become an essential and basic need of many people and businesses. With a properly completed website, each unit can effectively exploit, promote and develop the business as desired. The rental of equipment

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Company website design experience

Designing a company website takes many different skills, design principles and design tips to have a perfect web product. Here JAYbranding would like to share a few company website design experiences An effective corporate website design

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Basic website terminology from A to Z for non-experts

You often hear about websites, or more broadly, website design, but to understand and grasp about websites, you need to master the basic website terms. 1. Domain (domain name) The first and quite important part when building a website

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Notes when using image formats on the website

Advantages of JPG (JPEG) Color depth from 24bit to 16 million colors. JPEG is the most commonly used image standard for most digital cameras today. Suitable for creating small image files. Suitable for images with

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5 online payment services for sales websites

1. Onepay payment gateway 5 online payment services for sales websites As a cooperation product between Onepay Company, Vietcombank and Master Card International, Onepay is currently leading in the market of providing services. payment service

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Some basic html tags for beginners

Some basic html tags used for wordpress editor to remember to interact with software like word Bold tag BOLD <b>Content needs to be bold</b> Result: Content should be bolded Italic printed tag <i>Content should be italicized </i> Content needed

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Design a website that is eye-catching

Website is the leading effective sales channel of online sales. Seeing the great benefits that the website brings, many businesses / sellers have focused on investing more in website design. However, among the billions

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Building website content for businesses

Website is considered an important sales channel, bringing long-term effectiveness for businesses. Therefore, focusing on building an optimized website is always a top priority for businesses. To build website content for businesses, we

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Principles of online website promotion

After building a website, businesses need to promote this sales channel. Advertising helps consumers know the existence of the business. In addition, effective website promotion helps Google assess the credibility of the sales channel


Do you need a Website to sell online?

The trend of online business is being applied by many people because it brings many benefits. With the form of online sales, we do not lose too much investment in space or marketing customers in the traditional way. Many sellers often

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5 things to note when building a website

A website that achieves good sales performance needs to converge many factors. In the process of building a website, businesses must pay attention to many issues. In particular, should not ignore 5 things to note when building a website below. Body interface

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What is Responsive? Learn to decide on responsive web design

Responsive is a website design style suitable for all devices, all screen resolutions. “Responsive Web Design” is the current web design trend “Responsive Web Design” this can be said is a very hot concept and is developing very strongly.


Learn a hard experience when making a website

When preparing to make a website, in order not to receive a failed result, you should carefully study the bloody experiences summarized below! 1. Don't pay too much attention to the interface The interface is of course very important in

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